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Borden High School recently announced the names of their students who were honored at its award program. The following is a list of these students and their awards.
Allison Rademacher received Summa Cum Laude status.
Allison Bishop, Shayna Edwards, Chelsea Fraley, Erika Frascella and Megan Holton have received  Magna Cum Laude status.
Bryan Demas received Cum Laude status.
Evan Adams, Anna Barczynski, Katarina Book, Alecia Barnes, Nikki Carter, Hayden Casey, Roerk Green, Adam Jackson, Aspen Kirchgessner, Paige Kruer, Michael Lynch, Morgan Mast and Jarde Sanders were all honored by the National Honors Society.
Anna Barczynski, Allison Bishop, Mattie Hamilton, Megan Holton, Sierra Martin, Lucy Ortega and Allison Rademacher all received Academic Honors.
Brya Demas, Shayna Edwards, Sierra Martin and Jeffery Reed received Technical Honors Diplomas.
Devin Strickland received the Phi Beta Happa Book Award.
Morgan Mast received the Yarmouth Book Award.
Kelsey Patterson, Kendyl Wheatley and Brianna Marr received awards for outstanding achievement in health.
Lindsey Kruer, Kendly Wheatley, Lilian Barczynski and Carson Casey received awards for outstanding achievement in PE.
Breann Stapp received the Junior High Band Musicianship Award.
Tyler Reed received the High School Band Musicianship Award.
Emily Roberts received the John Phillips Susa Award.
Tiffany Cruze received the Music Theory honor.
Brianna Marr and Josie McKinley were honored in Music 7 and Joey Greeson and Cassy Goodridge were honored in Music 8.
Nathaniel Freeberg received the Choir Musicianship Award.
Sam Warth (1st year), Nolan Sanders (2nd year) and Kennedy Williams (3rd year) were honored in Laser Technologies.
Cassy Goodridge, Lilly Ray, Kendyl Wheatley, Elaina Thomas and Natalie Ruedinger received awards for their contributions to the 8th grade Home Ec Cake Decorating Contest.
Brady Knight was honored in Sports Marketing.
Taylor Mangels was honored in Child Development.
Brianna Marr, Kendyle Wheatley, Katie Kruer, Lillian Barczynski, Aubery Moore, Piper Klingsmith, Carson Casey, Kelsey Patterson, Morgan Mast, Paige Kruer, Katarina Book, Jared Sanders and Anna Barczynski were all honored with awards in English.
Morgan Mast, Cody Gramlin, Evan Adams, Leslie Beatty, Katarina Book, Jarde Sanders and Geoffrey Rafail-Lewis received Ayn Rand Essay Awards.
Katie Schafer, Kate Gertin, Kayla Edwards, Kynda Eaton and Michael Johnson received honors in Reading Counts 7th grade. Lindsay Guelda, Ravyn Just, Haleigh Braker, Ricky Pangburn, Katie Butt and Lily Ray received honors in Reading Counts 8th grade.
Katie Kruer, Bailee Kruer, Kelsey Patterson, Carson Casey, Paige Kruer, Morgan Mast, Katarina Book and Aspen Kirchgessner received awards in Spanish.
Allison Kirchgessner received an award in Journalism and Katarina Book was honored as the Journalism Editor.
Brianna Marr was honored in Geography (7th grade).
Kendyl Wheatley was honored in History (8th grade).
Bailee Kruer was honored in World Geography.
Evan Adams was honored in AP US History.
Allison Rademacher received honors in Psychology and Sociology.
Aspen Kirchgessner, Katarina Book, Cody Swearingen, Nick Bell, Zack Watling and Katlin Ott were honored in Current Events.
Lillian Barczynski and Carson Casey were honored in World History.
Allison Rademacher was honored in Government.
Allison Rademacher and Garreth Stephens were honored in Economics.
Haley Nestor was honored in Math.
Kelsey Patterson, Alecia Barnes, Christina Fink, Sam Beckort, TJ Fraley, Carson Casey, Sarah Hurst, Aspen Kirchgessner, George Tipker, Tony Wagoner and Sam Warth received all A’s in Geometry.
Rebecca Smeltz and Kate Gertin were honored in Pre-Algebra.
Kendyl Wheatley, Shelby Spalding and Brandon Coats were honored in Algebra I.
Katie Kruer, Sam Warth and Lillian Barczynski were honored in Algebra II.
Evan Adams was honored in Trigonometry/ Pre-Calculus.
Allsion Rademacher was honored in College Algebra and AP Calculus.
Brianna Marr, Cassy Goodridge, Nathaniel Knollenberg, Ricky Pangburn and Kendyl Wheatley were honored in Science.
Sam Warth and Lillian Barczynski were honored in Biology.
Kelsey Patterson was honored in Chemistry.
Nathaniel Freeberg was honored in Earth Space Science.
Nathaniel Lingross was honored in ICP.
Paige Kruer was honored in Biology II.
Evan Adams was honored in Physics.
Brianna Marr, Kate Gertin, Kendyl Wheatley and Eric Watling were honored in Art.
Katarina Book and Bailee Kruer were hnored in Printmaking/Ceramics.
Aubrey Moore was honored in Drawing/Painting.
Jade Tuper was honored in Graphic Arts.
Piper Klingsmith was honored in Advanced 2D/3D Art.
Kendyl Wheatley and Nathaniel Knollenberg won the 8th grade Citizenship Award. Cassy Goodridge and Kamden Hurst were the runners-up.
Brianna Marr and Dawson Nale won the 7th grade Citizenship Award. Runners-up were Amanda Goodridge and Joey Vollstedt.
Rachel Babiak received the REMC Youth Tour Award.
Megan Holton, Allison Rademacher, Chelsea Fraley, Erika Frascella, Shayna Edwards, Bryan Demas and Allison Bishop received the Presidential Award for Education Excellent for Seniors.
Kendyl Wheatley, Cassy Goodridge, Nathaniel Knollenberg, Noah Stone, Michael Penn, Ricky Pagnburn, McKenna Zody, Katie Butt, Lilly Ray, Ryan potter, Devin Morrow and Ravyn Just received the Presidential Award for Education Excellent for 8th Grade.
Matthew Fetz, Kate Gertin, Megan NcNew, Kiersten Fenwick, Austin Merten, Piper Klingsmith, Kelsey Patterson, Eliel Popoca, Dylan Scott, Cody Swearingen, Zack Watling, Evan Adams, Fredy Contreas and Nathaniel Freeberg were honored for their Perfect Attendance.
Allison Bishop, Allison Rademacher, Megan Holton, Erika Frascella, Alecia Barens, Leslie Beatty, Katarina Book, Nikki Carter, Aspen Kirchgessner, Paige Kruer, Morgan Mast, Carson Casey, Tiffany Cruze, Christina Fink, Sarah Hurst, Brian McGee, Kelsey Patterson, Lillian Barczynski, Bailee Kruer, Katie Kruer, Lucy Leach, Sam Warth, Cassy Goodridge, Nathaniel Knollenberg, Kendyl Wheatley, Kynda Eaton, Kate Gertin, Amanda Goodridge, Laura Huerta, Brianna Marr and Dawson Nale all received the Superintendent’s All A Award.
Brianna Marr, Kendly Wheatley, Lucy Leach, Lillian Barczynski, Carson Casey, Christiana Fink, Morgan Mast, Paige Kruer, Katarina Book, Aspen Kirchgessner and Allison Rademacher all received Stalker Awards.
Following is a list of students who received scholarships during the awards program.
Allison Rademacher received the James Holt Scholarship.
Allison Bishop received a scholarship from the Borden Outdoor Club.
Allison Rademacher and Sierra Martin received scholarships from the Borden PTO.
Allison Rademacher received a scholarship from New Washington State Bank for graduating Summa Cum Laude.
Erin Mikel and Ethan Little were announced as US Army Scholar Athletes.
Allison Rademacher, Erika Frascella, Sierra Martin and Ethan Little received the Roland H. Money scholarship.
Allison Rademacher and Ethan Little received scholarships from the American Red Cross.
Allison Rademacher received the Outstanding Senior Award, the Borden Lions Club Service Scholarship.
Allison Rademacher, Erika Frascella, Chelsea Fraley, Anna Barczynski, Brandon Beam, Matthew Smith, Jared Cook and Michael Wright received awards from Borden Dollars for Scholars.
Allison Rademacher received the Martin Luther King Scholarship and the Ivy Tech Valedictorian Scholarship.
Ethan Little received the Steel Dynamics Scholarship.
Allison Rademacher received a scholarship from the Grassroots Prevention Coalition of Clark County.
Chelsea Fraley received the Hazel & Walter Bales Scholarship.
Kara Jackson received the Leadership 1 Perseverance Scholarship.
Brandon Beam received the IU South Bend Scholarship.
Anna Barczynski received a scholarship from the University of Evansville.
Allison Rademacher received the DAR Good Citizen award, as well as scholarships from ISTA, Hoosier Basketball Coaches Association, Scottsburg United Methodist Church and the Bonnie Martin Church Scholarship.

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