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There were several athletes from area schools who advanced to next week’s track regional. The top four athletes in each event advanced to Tuesday’s track regional at Bloomington North. Results from regional were not available at press time, but will be printed in next week’s edition of The Banner Gazette.
Also included in this story are the results from last Thursday’s boys’ track sectional at Corydon Central.
The following is a list of results from the girls’ May 15 track sectional at Floyd Central.

100-meter dash
Emily Giles (NH), first, 12.99 seconds, Carmen Keehn (FC), sixth, 13.74 seconds; Kennedi Winn (NH), seventh, 13.87
200-meter dash
Gilers, fourth, 27.97 seconds; Keehn, sixth, 28.47 seconds and Rachel Denison (FC), seventh, 28.66 seconds.
400-meter dash
Kelsey Mayfield (FC), first, 1:02.06; Leslie Beatty (Borden), third, 1:03.17; Caryn Eisert (Lanesville), fifth, 1:03.77 and Emily Sherek (FC), 1:06.20.
800-meter run
Jamie Wallace (FC), first, 2:26.12; Jamie Bierman (FC), fourth, 2:32.70 and Shelby Kirchgessner (Borden), 2:37.58.
1,600-meter run
Ashton Bosler (NH), first, 5:19.92; Baylee Balgemann (FC), fourth, 5:41.24; Bierman, sixth, 5:50.86 and Natalie Hollensead (NH), eighth, 6:07.83.
3,200-meter run
Bosler (NH), first, 11:51.90; Alyssa Moore (FC), second, 12:00; Zoe Doebbler (FC), fifth, 12:50.54.
100-meter hurdles
Madison Kaiser (FC), second, 17.58 seconds; Megan Naegele (NH), fourth, 18.33 seconds; Kim Foster (FC), eighth, 20.77 seconds.
300-meter hurdles
Tori Kingsley (FC), second, 49.04 seconds; Leah Ellis (FC), third, 50.52 seconds;
400-meter relay
North Harrison’s team of Kennedi Winn, Emily Giles, Nicole Keene and Jenna Turner was third and Floyd Central’s team of Ali Anderson, Rachel Dennison, Carmen Keehn and Kelsey Mayfield was fourth.
1,600-meter relay
Floyd Central’s team of Emily Sherek, Jamie Wallace, Tori Kingsley and Kelsey Mayfield was first. North Harrison’s team of Jenna Turner, Lindsey Bowe, Hayley Elliott and Nicole Keene was fifth.
3,200-meter relay
Floyd Central finished first. Members of the team were, Jamie Bierman, Emily Sherek, Alyssa Moore and Jenni Fifer. Borden’s team of Leslie Beatty, Nikki Carter, Megan Frascella and Shelby Kirchgessner was fourth. Lanesville finished sixth. The team members were Olivia Bays, Miranda Kaake, Bailey Kaake and Erica Kennedy.
High jump
Schyler Cerqueira (FC), first, 5’.
Pole vault
Abby Marquet (FC), second, 7’6”; Kirchgessner (Borden), third, 7’6” and Abbey Stone (NH), fourth, 7’.
Long jump
Emily Giles (NH), second, 15’9” and Ali Anderson (FC), third, 15’3”.
Shot put
Carson Casey (Borden), first, 34’6” and Madison Kaiser (FC), second, 33’9.5”.
Leah Wolfe (FC), first, 122’.02”; Casey, second, 98’7” and Sierra Martin (Borden), 96’9”.
Following are the boys’ results from the track sectional.
100 meter dash
Gabriel Kennedy (FC), fourth, 11.73 seconds; Seth Jenkins (FC), fifth, 11.76 seconds.
200 meter dash
Jenkins, second, 23.70; Jacob Cundiff (NHRR), 24.58; Matt Rue (FC), eighth, 32.41 seconds.
400 meter dash
Austin Wirth (FC), first, 52.40 seconds; Rue, second, 53.15 seconds; Micah Lane (Lane), fourth, 53.92 seconds.
800 meter run
Jonathan Reynolds (NHRR), first, 1:58.25; Grant Reynolds (FC), fifth, 2:06.40; Dylan Knopp (FC), seventh, 2:08.95; Kyle Chesser (NHRR), eighth, 2:11.48.
1600 meter run
Grant Reynolds, third, 4:33.89; Brian Eurton (Borden), fourth, 4:35.02; Curtis Wetzel (NHRR), seventh, 4:49.16.
3200 meter run
Johnnie Guy (NHRR), first, 9:21.24; Joshua Guy (NHRR), third, 9:41.83; Zach Doebbler (FC), fifth, 10:10.92; Jesse Hamilton (FC), seventh, 10:25.55; Isaac Blackman (Lane), eighth, 10:34.35.
110 meter hurdles
Quinton Miller (FC), second, 16.30 seconds; Grant Foster (FC), third, 16.83 seconds; Lane, fifth, 18.16 seconds; Zach Jones (Lane), seventh, 19.69 seconds.
300 meter hurdles
Miller, first, 41.87 seconds; Foster, fourth, 43.59 seconds.
100 meter relay
Floyd Central’s team of Alex Boling, Seth Jenkins, Kyle Bramble and Terrence Kennedy won second, followed by North Harrison’s team of Jacob Cundiff, John Fessel, Kevin Eldridge and William George in fourth and Borden’s Hayden Casey, Brady Knight, Roerk Green and Michael Wright in fifth.
400 meter relay
Floyd Central won first, their team consisting of Alex Boling, Kyle Bramble, Codie Hamsley and Seth Jenkins. Borden’s Hayden Casey, Brian Eurton, Nathen Magallanes and Gavin Tipker placed fourth and North Harrison’s team of Kyle Chesser, Jacob Cundiff, Johnnie Guy and Jonathan Reynolds placed fifth.
800 meter relay
North Harrison’s Kyle Chesser, Joshua Guy, Johnnie Guy and Jason Head won first place. They were followed by Floyd Central’s Kahler Davis,m Zach Doebbler, Jessie Hamilton and Dylan Knopp in third place, Borden’s Brian Eurton, Shane Little, Nathen Magallanes and Gavin Tipker in fifth and Lanesville’s team, Isaac Blackman, Travis Kaake, Brandon Price and Gabe Sronce in sixth place.
High jump
Grant Foster (FC) and Cody Morgan (NHRR) tied for fifth place, 5’8”; Dylan Knopp, eighth, 5’6”.
Pole vault
Michael Lynch (Borden), first, 11’; Jacob Marguet (FC), second, 11’; Zane Rathgeber (NHRR), third place, 10’6”; Jonathan Sieg (FC), sixth, 10’; Head, eighth, 9’.
Long jump
Miller, third, 19’09.75”; Kennedy, sixth, 18’09”.
Shot put
Andrew Archer (FC), first, 48’4.50”; Justin Dalhoff (Lane), second, 36’8.50”; Codie Hamsley (FC), third, 46’7.75; Patrick Fonda (NHRR), fifth, 43’11.50”.
Discus throw
Hamsley, first, 177’1.25”; Archer, third, 143’6”; Fonda, sixth, 127’.5”.


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