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A chaotic scene greeted sheriff’s deputies when they arrived at the scene of a knifing and shooting that occurred Friday night, May 18, at a home at 772 East Harrod Road north of Austin.
Deputy Joe Guarneri was dispatched to the scene when a 9-1-1 call from a woman reported a disturbance west of her residence at 10:20 p.m. Five minutes later, another call was made, advising that a man had received a stab wound to his chest and another suffered a gunshot wound to a foot. Dispatchers notified a medical helicopter crew that assistance would be needed.
When Deputy Guarneri arrived, he said he saw several people with flashlights in the road. A man was lying in the road, and a person was holding a cloth to his chest.
The victim was identified as David E. Turner of that address. He had been stabbed in the chest, on his left arm and on his forehead. When the deputy asked the victim who had stabbed him, he said his attacker was Tommy Wayne Hensley of South Ray Road, Underwood.
Hensley, people told Deputy Guarneri, was in the nearby house. He and Deputy Joe Johnson left Deputy James Shelton with Turner and went to the house to find Hensley. That man was found in the home’s living room holding a bloody towel to his foot. Hensley admitted having a gun, but he said Turner had shot him. Hensley said he got the gun out but then “...set it down.” He said Turner then grabbed the gun and shot him after the pair had argued.
Hensley said he had thrown the knife in a woods near the residence. The gun was taken as evidence.
Deputy Guarneri reported he received conflicting stories from eyewitnesses. Some said that Turner had shot Hensley; others said that Hensley shot himself in the foot. All agreed that Hensley had stabbed Turner, the report related.
Turner was transported by medical helicopter to University of Louisville Hospital, where he was still reported to be recovering from his wounds on Monday, May 21.
Hensley was taken to Scott Memorial Hospital in Scottsburg, where his wound was cleaned and bandaged. He was then transported to the Scott County Security Center, where he was awaiting his initial hearing in Scott Circuit Court on a charge of aggravated battery. That hearing was scheduled for Tuesday, May 22. Sheriff Dan McClain stated that the matter remains under investigation and that Indiana State Police evidence technicians are assisting in the case.

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