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“First I want to say I am happy to do this on Mother’s Day with my mommy because without her support I couldn’t do this,” stated 12-year old Meadow Ryann Drollinger.
Meadow, a sixth grader at Charlestown Middle School, spent Mother’s Day afternoon in a little different way than most of her classmates. She spent the majority of the afternoon describing what has happened to her in the last several months on her path to her dream. Most 12-year olds have no idea what they want to become when they graduate from high school or what career path they wish to pursue.  Meadow is one of the lucky ones. She already has her sights set on a music career and is taking the necessary steps to capture her dream.
Pursuing a career is never an easy path to follow, no matter your age. For Meadow, the path is taking her in a little different direction than what was expected, even this time a couple of years ago. She has made some tough decisions and is grateful for her support team and those who have made her decisions a little easier.
The end of this school year will be the last year Meadow will be a Pirate in terms of being enrolled as a student at Charlestown Middle School. She has determined home school is the best option to allow her the time she needs to dedicate to her music career.
“I am fortunate to have found a career at such a young age and by homeschooling I will have more time to pursue my career,” Meadow stated. “I will finish high school by 16. I plan to finish seventh and eighth grade next year.”
Meadow’s mother, Jeannine Drollinger, explained, “With home schooling here’s the difference, the actual school work is done in a two or three hour time frame. She will focus on main subjects, math, science, English and history. She will be able to do her schoolwork and it will provide ample time to study for her career and give time for social activities. This will actually free up her life. She doesn’t have a lot of time now for social activities.”
The decision to be home schooled was not an easy decision and was one that came with a lot of thought and consideration from Meadow and  her family.
“The hardest part of leaving school is leaving Mr. Hayden, the choir teacher. It really upsets me. I will really miss him. He is the most inspiring teacher,” Meadow stated as she tried to fight back a few tears that streamed down her cheek. “It was my decision because I need more time for music. I didn’t think I was getting taught the skills I needed for life.”
Drollinger added what she thought her weekends and social activity time would be filled with just a couple of years ago.
“This has never been my dream for Meadow. This is Meadow’s dream for herself. After third grade I thought she would be a star cheerleader somewhere. This is her dream not mine. Without parents there is not any child in this world that could be who they are, or it is highly unlikely the number of children who succeed would be as high without support of parents. Parents do have to support what they do. I can’t make her get on stage and shine. She has to do that herself,” Drollinger explained. “Just because Meadow doesn’t attend CMS doesn’t mean she won’t support CMS. She will attend as many of the things she can to support her friends. She is just giving up one opportunity for another.”
The decision to spend more time on her music and career path is just what Meadow needs. She recently signed with her manager, Tim Alamsha. Since signing with Alamsha, she has now taken the next steps on the path to her dream, recording songs for a CD.
“I signed with my manager Tim Alamsha at Rock U2 Academy of Popular Music Ocean Springs in Mississippi,” Meadow stated with her beautiful smile.
Meadow has made two trips to Mississippi recently. The first trip, March 23- March 30, she recorded two cover songs, “Rolling in the Deep” and “Ours” and one original song. The two cover songs are now available to hear on SoundCloud as well as Meadow’s website at www.meadowryann.com.
During the second trip, May 2-6, she recorded another original song and another cover song. 
“While in Mississippi we, Mr. Tim and I, started working on the video script for my original song of ‘A Girls Advice.’ We are currently in the pre-production stage of the first music video. We just recently finished the actual video script,” Meadow described.
The video for “A Girls Advice” came to Meadow while she was recording the song during her first visit to Mississippi. She shared her brainstorm with her mom on their trip back to Charlestown. Meadow took the opportunity on her second trip to plan the video script with Alamsha.
The goal is to host a video premiere party for the release of the video.
“The video premiere party will be a big read carpet event. The video premiere party will work as a benefit. All ticket sales will go to a local charity,” Drollinger explained.
The trips to Mississippi to be in the studio is something Meadow has been waiting for, the first steps to capturing her dream. When asked what recording in the studio is like, the petite highlighted blonde, stated, “a lot of work. You don’t want to do the work part. You want to do the fun part. It is really fun, even the work part,” Meadow added with a grin.
She continued to describe how a song is recorded in the studio, “You sit in the studio for three to four hours to build and work on the song. You have to build it on a computer, the song outline. You build it until done, then you run through it three or four times vocally and musically. You play the guitar track over and over then go back and listen, then sing it. Then you put it all together. It is really hard, you have to do it exactly the same each time. Then the producer does all his magic.”
According to Meadow she has spent approximately 70 hours perfecting one of her original songs.
“It is an incredible amount of hours,” Drollinger added.
When asked for just one word to describe her time in the studio, Meadow paused for just a second then answered, “amazing.”
Alamsha is dedicating his life to make a difference in the next generation of entertainers. He is making a difference in the lives of the students at the academy with his wife, Barbara.
“Mr. Tim is so funny. He keeps you laughing all day. You don’t know how long you have been in the studio working because he just keeps you laughing all the time,” Meadow stated.
Drollinger agreed with her daughter and added, “God put him on this Earth to work with children. I know that without a doubt.”
Meadow is truly ecstatic to be in the studio living out her dream.
“It is really exciting to be recording and copyrighting original songs and music,” she said.
While visiting Rock U2 Academy Meadow is also taking guitar and vocal lessons. She is enjoying vocal lessons with Tia and guitar lessons with Frankie during her trips to Rock 2U Academy.
“What they are doing at Rock U2 is amazing. The community is very supportive. What they are doing is concert quality,” Drollinger stated.
Rock U2 was an easy decision for Meadow and her family. Family ties brought her to Mississippi and to the academy. Meadow’s cousin attends Rock U2 as a vocal student. Talk of the academy and a visit with family made the first trip to Mississippi a reality. The added incentive was meeting Alamsha and moving even closer to realizing her dreams.
The trips to Mississippi have also given Meadow an opportunity to perform in front of a new audience. During her first trip she performed at The Shed on March 23 for a fundraiser to help rebuild. The establishment was destroyed during a recent fire and Rock U2 and the students came together to help raise funds to rebuild.
“We went straight from the car to the stage. We got caught in traffic and they had to switch our spot around with someone else because we were going to be late. She nailed it and she performed straight from the road,” Drollinger recalled.
The second trip included a performance in Rock U2 Academy’s Mayfest on May 5.
Meadow truly enjoys performing for a live audience. She straps on her guitar with the pink leopard guitar strap and the immediate thought is how is a young kid going to play a guitar that is bigger than her? It doesn’t take long for one to realize, Meadow can play the guitar and belt out a song you can sing along to or one she has written. Meadow can inspire audiences across the board from the young to the young at heart.
She has recently performed a private show at Georgetown Manor Nursing Home in Louisville on St. Patrick’s Day.
“That show was really fun. They really enjoyed it and I really enjoyed it,” Meadow remembered.
She also recently performed at The Winery, Hawk’s View, Papa’s Pizza and has enjoyed performing for private birthday parties.
Another show Meadow left the audience wanting more was for the students at Northaven Elementary School in Jeffersonville. She recently performed for the entire school, along with the local band Good Evening Miss, for a fun-filled concert for the 300-plus students and staff on Friday afternoon, May 11. After the eight-song set, Meadow took the time to pose for some pictures where the students were all smiles to be a part of making the memories. She sang songs the students knew while they sang right along with her in what was some of their first concert memories. Meadow also sang one of her original songs with students listening to every word. After the concert Meadow and Good Evening Miss held a meet-n-greet for the fifth grade students.
An impact was definitely made on the students at Northaven. Drollinger spoke with Alamsha the next morning and he was pleased to report that he was receiving phone calls about Meadow.
“Students were looking on her website and finding contact information for Mr. Tim. He is great. He was just telling them that is not the number for Meadow but he would be sure to get the message to her. I was just amazed the kids were taking the time to tell Meadow what they thought of her performance,” Drollinger added.
The interest the students at Northaven have found for Meadow is not new. She is earning new fans with every performance. The interest in merchandise for Meadow is being taken into consideration by her manager.
“We are working on ideas now. We have ordered business cards designed by a staff member of Click Portrait Studio. We have done an outdoor photo shoot with Click Photography. We are also organizing an official fan club,” a very proud mom added.
Thursday afternoon the first Meadow merchandise arrived. A hot pink bracelet with www.meadowryann.com in neon yellow. The bracelets are available for purchase for $1. You may contact Meadow through her website or Facebook if you would like to purchase a bracelet.
Meadow has had a very busy last few months and she is ready to share her new work with fans. She expects the next cover to be coming soon and shortly after clips from her originals will be posted to her social media sites which are all listed on her website.
“I am very appreciate of everyone who supports me and comes to my shows. I couldn’t do this without their support and all my fans and friends on Facebook and on my Guestbook,” Meadow concluded.
Meadow encouraged fans to become a fan of hers on Facebook and visit her new website for all things Meadow Ryann, at www.meadowryann.com. She loves to read the posts fans leave on Facebook and the messages, comments and suggestions left on her guestbook from her website. She updates the sites regularly.
Drollinger added, “Those people are the ones giving Meadow the opportunity to do what she loves. The fans are giving her the opportunity to continue to do what she does.”
Although Meadow seems to fill her time with music, a guitar, writing and anything else music, she still finds time to be a member of the cheer team, swim team, softball team and perform in the spring musical at Charlestown High School.
“She makes good grades and loves playing second base on the softball team. She is not willing to give that up yet,” Drollinger concluded with a laugh.
Meadow has enjoyed some recent open mic nights at the Charlestown Civic Center where she has been able to perform a couple songs and emcee a fun karaoke night for local youth. She will have another opportunity to perform in her hometown during the Music in the Park event on Saturday night, July 21 in Greenway Park. Meadow will perform from 6 to 7 p.m. followed by The Wulfe Brothers from 7 to 9 p.m. Meadow will entertain the crowd during the upcoming Charlestown Founders Day Prince and Princess Contest. She will perform a few songs while the judges make the hard decision of which beautiful prince and princess will be crowned. The pageant begins at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 2.
She will also participate in the MusicFest Kentucky State Fair Winners Showcase at Mike Linning’s on Saturday, June 9. The show begins at 5 p.m.
For more information about Meadow Ryann or to book a private show for birthday parties, etc., please visit her website at www.meadowryann.com.

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