Clark County property tax bills sent April 11 PDF Print E-mail

Clark County property tax statements were placed in the mail Wednesday, April 11, 2012 for the 2011 pay 2012 property taxes.   The due dates are May 10th, 2012 and November 13th, 2012. The first installment must be paid by May 10, 2012, although you may choose to pay both installments at the May 10, 2012 due date.  You will not receive a fall billing or tax due reminder for the November 13, 2012 payment due.
If your tax bill is less than $25.00, the entire amount is due on May 10, 2012.   If your mortgage bank escrows your tax payment, please contact them to verify that they have paid the tax bill.  Escrow accounts still receive a tax statement for record purposes, even though a third party actually makes the payment.
Clark County Taxpayers have several options in paying their taxes:   
MAIL: Send payment with coupon to the Clark County Treasurer, P.O. Box 1508, Jeffersonville, IN  47131-1508.  Payment is considered on time when postmarked by the US Postal Service by the due date.  
IN PERSON: The Treasurer is located in the Clark County Government Bldg., 501 East Court Avenue, Room 125, Jeffersonville, IN  47130.  Please bring entire statement when paying in person.  Note that with the pay in person option, there may be substantial wait times as our staffing is limited.  If paying by check or money order, please consider placing your payment in the mail, by the due date, and avoid Courthouse security and congestion.
LOCAL BANKS:  MainSource Bank, New Washington State Bank and Your Community Bank, at all Clark and Floyd County locations, will accept payments by cash or check.    You must bring the entire statement when paying at a bank.
CREDIT or DEBIT CARDS and E-CHECKS: (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express).  All credit card payments will be processed through Point & Pay with a convenience fee of 2.5% of your total tax payment, minimum fee of $2.00.  Additionally, you can pay by phone at 1-866-739-0473 or via the internet at:
Also, taxpayers may initiate an e-check payment, on-line or by phone, for a flat fee of $1.50.  E-check payments are drawn on your bank account – you must input your checking account number and bank routing number.   We also offer fixed fee debit card processing at a cost of $3.95 and we will accept debit cards processed as credit cards, with the credit card fee ($2.00 minimum fee or 2.5% of amount paid).
If you have questions regarding the following please contact: Tax Payments: County Treasurer (812)285-6205  E-Billing (for next year - 12 PAY 13):; Exemptions, Tax Rates and Homestead Verification Form (pinkslip): County Auditor (812)285-6211
Assessments:  County Assessor (812)285-6225 All Offices are located in the Clark County Government Bldg., 501 East Court Ave., Jeffersonville, IN  47130.