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Sandra Parke Topolski of Goodwill Southern Indiana met with Pekin residents who were affected by the March 2 tornado. She assured residents that Goodwill is there to help meet needs as they arise.
“We want to make sure that if anyone affected by the tornado are in need of clothing, housewares, furniture, anything we have in any Southern Indiana Goodwill store, we want to make that available to you at no charge,” she said. “We have seen a ton of donations coming in from people wanting to help with the tornado.
“We want everyone to know that Goodwill is not profiting in anyway from those tornado donations. If someone brings us a bag of clothing, we are taking the whole value of that bag of clothing and turning it into a voucher.
Parke Topolski said Goodwill vouchers can be picked up at the Salvation Army or Red Cross.
She said Goodwill is not only able to distribute donated items through the voucher program, but they have the space and staff to store and process the donated items.
Parke Topolski said that even if people have been helped they can continue to use the program.
“There is no limit on the amount of assistance through the voucher program – we are not putting any monetary limit on that,” she said. “We’ve already provided $16,000 worth of vouchers to the SA and the RC. We plan to continue to provide vouchers until all the needs are met.
“Get the vouchers. They are good for a full year. We know that right now you don’t have place to put these items, but as you rebuild, if you need furniture, if you need housewares you can use the voucher at any time. If you need a jacket today, you can come in and use the voucher today.
Goodwill is also accepting donations.
Parke Topolski said those donating just needs to let the stores know that it’s for tornado relief.
She is asking that anyone with larger donations call her in advance so she can arrange to have the truck unloaded and staff on hand to process.