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Borden traveled to Loogootee Friday to participate in Saturday’s Regional. Their opponent was Orleans who they had defeated earlier in the season. Unfortunately this was not to be the case, Orleans showed a great deal more polish than they did in their earlier meeting. Orleans defeated Borden 48 to 68.

Orleans center, 6’7” Bryan Moldrem, barely controlled the tip against Brandon Beam. It didn’t seem to matter as Borden rolled out to a 12-3 lead in the first five minutes. Orleans did make a bit of a comeback to end the quarter 14-8 Borden.
Borden was presenting a very tough defense that caused six turnovers in the quarter. But if you were watching closely you could see some things that were unusual. Borden was having a lot of difficulty getting rebounds. On top of that all the points in the first quarter were scored by Beam.
In the second quarter Borden did pick up a basket from Billy Kirchgessner, Jalen McCoy and Josh Volstedt but that was it. Still having difficulties getting rebounds and Orleans committing only one turnover Borden fell behind. Orleans went on an eleven point run in the second half of the quarter to take a 26-20 lead at the half.
After the half Orlean’s Trey Bradley came to life with five baskets matched by Beam who picked up ten points also. During the quarter both teams played very physical defense but Borden had a couple breakdowns in their full court press giving up easy baskets. Orleans managed to pull out to a 45-35 lead.
Early in the fourth quarter a minor exchange between players ended with Billy Kirchgessner being called for a technical foul. He was benched for the quarter. Michael Lynch and Garret Vick came to life to team up for eleven points. Unfortunately the only other scoring was a free throw from Beam and Volstedt for the quarter. Orleans tacked on another 23 points in the quarter to push out to a victory at 68 to 48.
Borden coach Nash’s comment after the game was, “I love them. I’m as proud of them as people as I am of them as players.”
The players were quite upset with the loss. It was understandable for all the logical reasons. Then when you consider that this was only the second time this season they have experienced a loss, it was even more understandable.
Leading scorers for Borden were: Beam with 25 and Vick with 10.
The season ended 22-2 to make this team the most successful team in Borden’s history. They had the most continuous wins before their first loss and won the Holiday tournament. They had and identical season as the ‘64-’65 team, the previous record holder at 19-1. They had more wins including the post season. This is about as good a season as you can have.
The two seniors on the team, Brandon Beam and Matthew Smith will be missed in the future. Though they had a large impact on this seasons team there is a great deal of talent to make the anticipation of next season make a supporter smile.