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In times of tragedy a lot of people step up to help, but there are others who want to take advantage of the kindness of strangers.
Local donation centers had to start tracking those who came for help because people who weren’t affected by the storms were showing up and taking items.
Melissa Burton, who has coordinated the efforts at the donation center at Pekin United Methodist said they started asking for identification to avoid this.
The same is true at donation centers at Henryville.
Michial Compton, who is incident commander for Henryville Command Post, said there are no groups soliciting funds.
“We are not soliciting donations from door-to-door or face-to-face,” Compton said. “The Red Cross is also not soliciting funds. They are accepting donations, but they are not soliciting.”
A number of local organizations are collecting money and holding fundraisers and officials don’t want people to shy away from donating, but they are cautioning them to be mindful of the groups and organizations they give their money to.