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For the first time this year, things at the Greenville Town Council’s regular  meeting on Feb. 13 remained civil.    
The council passed two ordinances, one allocating the funds in which the Town Manager Randal Johnes will be paid and another concerning the town’s motor vehicle insurance. 
The meeting started with Council President Talbotte Richardson thanking all those who filled the room for the meeting.
“I do appreciate all of you being here,” he said. “I know you don’t believe that, but I do. It’s a whole lot different than looking out there and seeing those empty chairs.”
Before closing the meeting, the council, but mostly Richardson fielded questions from the audience ranging from sewer issues to the way the special meeting was handled Feb. 6 when the group voted 3-2 to hire Randal Johnes.
Richardson offered no apologies for the decision or not allowing those in attendance at the special meeting to speak.
“When we have a special meeting, we have to discuss specific topics,” Richardson said. “If I would have opened that up and someone from the public would have brought up sewers, that meeting would have been illegal because that was not a topic that we scheduled to discuss.”
The council’s out-going attorney agreed. He said the time for discussion of that motion happened at the council’s January 9 meeting.
The special meeting for Feb. 6 was advertised just for the second and third reading of the original ordinance.
Richardson also made it clear that a democracy happened when citizens voted.
“This is a republic,” he said. “People voted me in to be their representative. I didn’t lie to anyone about anything. I made it clear my opinions and I vote on these issues how I think it benefits the town.”
Lisa Ginkins, who video taped the entire meeting, wanted to know whether or not people would be forced to hook on to the town’s sewer, should they buy the waste water treatment plant.
Richardson said that’s true, only residents with failing systems would be required to hook on.
He also cautioned people not to get too far ahead with the sewer plans because that is just not being discussed.
He said the motion that passed at the January meeting concerning the sewers was just to make sure that if Greenville does buy the water treatment plant other towns, such as Galena, wouldn’t be allowed to hook on.
In other businesses, after much discussion, the council agreed to send Town Marshall David Moore and Detective Lieutenant Billy Burkhart to the Indiana Drug Enforcement Association Training Conference.
Moore said that by attending the conference, he and Billy Burkhart earn a $10,000 in the line of duty life insurance policy.    
The council hesitated sending both Moore and Burkhart because there is only $1,000 in the Marshall’s budget to last the remainder of the year. The trip, which includes two nights in a hotel, would cost more than $800.
The selling point for the council seemed to be the training hours. The conference helped Moore and Burkhart 18 of the required 24 hours of training.
“This is the most important conference we go to,” Moore said. “Not only do we get the in-the-line-of-duty life insurance policy, but we get a lot of our training hours and we also get a bunch of free drug testing kits and classes on how to do the new drug testing kits and all the new drugs that are out there like bath salts.
“There are also classes on how to recognize vehicles, what to do when you find a meth lab and we all know how dangerous they can be.”
The council agreed tho allow Moore and Burkhart to spend up to $800 to attend the conference.
Richardson made the motion and Patti Hayes seconded it. It passed unanimously.
The council also made a motion to put the amount of unclaimed checks back into the town’s general fund. Checks that the town issued, but were never cashed totaled $250 and were for things like unclaimed deposits on water meters and things like that.
The council also agreed to hire Chris Lane as the town’s attorney and also got an update from  Aaron R. Sutherland of Jacobi, Toombs & Lanz, Inc. on the water tower.
Sutherland said the project is about a month behind schedule.
The Greenville Council’s next meeting will be March 12 at 7 p.m. in the town hall.
January minutes
The following are the minutes from the council’s regular meeting on Jan. 9:
Council President Talbotte Richardson called the regular monthly meeting to order. Other Councilpersons present were Bob Wright, Darryl Kepley, Patti Hayes and Greg Redden, along with Clerk Jack Travillian. Also attending the meeting were Town Attorney Rick Fox, Water Utility Superintendent Getrost, and several concerned citizens. The meeting was opened with a prayer from Chaplain Avery followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Minutes: The minutes for December 12th were discussed. Councilman Kepley noted that he wanted to see additional notes about the discussion held between Councilman Johnes and Town Attorney Fox concerning the sewage treatment plant. Minutes will be revised and resubmitted at next month’s meeting.
Election of President: The floor was open for nomination to be the 2012 President of Council. Councilwoman Hayes nominated Talbotte Richardson and the nomination was seconded by Councilman Redden. Councilman Wright nominated Darryl Kepley and the nomination was seconded by Councilman Kepley. Councilman Kepley nominated Greg Redden however Councilman Redden declined. Paper Ballot was dispersed. Clerk Travillian counted the ballots. Talbotte Richardson received 3 votes and Darryl Kepley received 2 votes.
Resolution 2012-WR-004: RESOLUTION CONCERNING THE SERVICE AREA IF THE HERITAGE SPRINGS WASTE TREATMENT PLANT IS PURCHASED BY THE GREENVILLE WATER UTILITY OF GREENVILLE, INDIANA; Reading of the Resolution was completed and the motion was made by President Richardson to accept the resolution and seconded by Councilwoman Hayes. Motion passed 3-1. Roll Call Councilman Wright abstained, Councilman Kepley voting negative, President Richardson and Councilpersons Hayes and Redden voting for the resolution.
Marshal Report: Marshal Moore gave the monthly report. Marshal Moore requested spending $450 for a new radio in the 1996 Jeep patrol vehicle. Floyd County Commissioner Steve Bush noted that the county has received funding to go to a new radio system and Greenville has been included in the project. Therefore buying any new equipment might not be compatible and should be considered. The council tabled the request.
Marshal Moore requested that he and Detective Burkhart be sent to a training conference for IDEA (Indiana Drug Enforcement Agency) in February. The cost is $450 for the two officers and there will be additional cost for hotel/food. The council asked about sending just one officer and tabled the request until next month’s meeting.
Water Business: Superintendent Getrost submitted monthly adjustments to the council. The board approved the adjustments for the bills without objection.
Financial: Review/Approval Checks and Expenditures: Clerk Travillian presented the forms for the checks written from the utility and the town. The council authorized the expenses.
Appointment of committee Chairs and Officers: Vice President – Patti Hayes; 2nd Vice President – Greg Redden; Emergency Services – Talbotte Richardson; Streets and Roads – Bob Wright; Public Relations – PattieHayes; Special Projects – Greg Redden.
New Business
Resolution 2012-WR-002: RESOLUTION CONCERNING THE TRANSFER OF FUNDS WITHIN CHECKING ACCOUNTS WITH THE FIRST HARRISON BANK FOR THE TOWN OF GREENVILLE WATER UTILITY; Reading of the Resolution was completed and the motion was made by President Richardson to accept the resolution and seconded by Councilwoman Hayes. Motion passed 5-0.
Resolution 2012-TO-001: ORDINANCE CONCERNING THE HIRING OF A TOWN MANAGER AND WATER UTILITY CONSULTANT FOR THE TOWN OF GREENVILLE, INDIANA; Reading of the Ordinance was completed and motion was made for unanimous consent by President Richardson to accept the resolution and seconded by Councilwoman Hayes. Discussion was held about the ordinance. Questions were raised about the length of term, the need for a town manager, need for a performance bond, and wording about at the pleasure of the council that was included in the original version and not in the current version. President Richardson, Councilpersons Redden and Hayes voted in favor. Councilman Kepley and Wright voted against. Motion passed 3-2, however, without unanimous consent, therefore, the second and third reading will need to occur at a later date. President Richardson called for a special meeting to be held on January 16, 2012 for the next reading of the ordinance. The meeting will be held at town hall at 7:00 PM.
Town Attorney gave his verbal notice of his resignation as the town attorney. The Floyd County Commissioner has requested either his resignation from our council or from representing the county.
No further business coming before the Council the meeting was adjourned.
Next monthly meeting will be held at 7:00 P.M. on February 13, 2012. 

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