Borden boys roll on with two wins on the road PDF Print E-mail

Thursday evening Borden traveled to Medora the Saturday afternoon they went to Springs Valley (SV) in French Lick. Due to the girl’s sections the Saturday game started at 1 p.m. But the story started back on Wednesday when Cody Bachman, a starter and big factor in Borden’s then 14-1 record, broke his leg. It was a sever break and will put him out for the season. After this past week’s play it appears they have made the needed adjustments. Though Bachman was a major factor in the team’s success and it is a terrible accident for him and the team, this team is rather deep.

Thursday afternoon Borden traveled to Medora for their annual meeting. As Medora continues to try to build their program the game didn’t challenge Borden winning 64 to 36.
The Saturday game started off a little more one sided than expected. Borden’s defense kept SV outside and taking lower percentage shots. SV went four and a half minutes before they scored with a couple of free throws to trail 12 – 2 Borden. Things didn’t improve a great deal for SV as Borden held a 16 – 7 lead by the end of the quarter.
The second quarter Borden continued to control the rebounding and penetrate SV defense frequently. Despite a couple 3-pt shots from SV Borden just out gunned their opponents. Borden finished the half with a 32 – 17 lead.
Borden came out in the second half and squashed any hope of SV coming back. Borden rolled off ten straight points to push out to a 42 – 17 lead. The third quarter did see Borden’s freshman Josh Reudinger get playing time mixed in with the starters. Though he didn’t excel he did hold his own.
Springs Valley did manage only three points and fell behind 44-20 by the end of the quarter.
The fourth quarter saw most of the play coming from Borden’s bench who held even with SV. The game final score was 53 to 31 Borden.
Borden’s coach Nash was distracted after the game. It appeared that a Springs Valley player had broken his leg in the first quarter of the game. Nash did say, “The guys all showed up and were ready to play. I was very proud of them this afternoon.”
Borden was lead in scoring by Jalen McCoy with 14 points and Micheal Lynch with 11.