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Austin came to Borden Friday  night to see if they had the secret to stopping Borden. They faced the problem most of Borden’s previous opponents faced, who do you stop? When a team has five players who have scored 19 points or more in a game, another at 15 and a seventh at 12 you have to stop them all.

Coach Henderson of Austin said they were going to try to keep it out of Borden’s guard’s hands. Though that was not really successful the points did come from inside as forward Cody Bachman scored 29 in the game. Bachman’s quickness was too much to be defended. He scored eight field goals but also hit 13 of 15 free throws.
Borden picked up the tip and Brandon Beam started the game off with two. Austin’s sophomore guard, Josh Vires answered with a three of his 18 points in the game. This gave Austin it’s only lead of the night. Borden continued to steadily pull ahead and with 2:23 left in the first quarter Beam typified the dominance they had by dunking the ball, with two hands this time, to give them a 17-5 lead.
By the end of the quarter Austin had eleven turnovers and a 15 point deficit trailing 24-9.
In the second quarter Austin’s Vires did score 15 points as they played Borden almost even. But with Borden’s defense causing 15 turnovers for the half and controlling the rebounding they still lead by sixteen at the half 45-29.
After the half Austin could only muster six points in the third quarter. Borden’s Bachman kept up his scoring as he did in the first half. In the three quarters he played he scored nine, ten and ten points each. Borden used its bench more in the third quarter. By the end of the third quarter Borden had built a 32 point lead with stronger rebounding and controlling the pace of the game leading 67-35.
The fourth quarter for Borden was strictly off the bench. Jalen McCoy came off the bench early and picked up two 3’s for six and Josh Vollstedt, also off the bench, picked up eight in the last three quarters. Though Borden’s lead slipped in the fourth quarter there were five players off the bench scoring.
Austin’s Jeremiah White did hit a buzzer beater at the very end for three points but it was to no effect as Borden won 80 -58.
Borden’s balance and unselfish play showed throughout the game as scoring came from four players in the first quarter and five players the other three quarters. Borden had 12 of 13 players score for the night.
Borden’s coach Doc Nash said, “They all (his players) looked at me like I’m crazy. They all want to play right now!” He went on to comment, “the bench came in and did a good job. Vollstedt did very well. I’m proud of all of them.”
The leading scorers for Borden were Bachman with 29 and Beam 13.
Austin coach Henderson commented, “We had 15 turnovers in the first half and that is a game. He has a great offense.”
Leading scorers for Austin was Vires with 18 and Cody Hendrix with 17.


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