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?    The New Pekin Town Council met in regular session on Tuesday August 12, with all members present.  The minutes
of previous meetings, all payroll requests, claims, and sewer adjustment requests were approved unanimously.
    Quickly dealing with the aforementioned business, the Council heard from Town Manager, Gary Nale.  Nale
informed the Council that a trial date has been set for a lawsuit resulting from a long standing dispute between the
Council and a Scott County developer regarding reimbursement for work done by the developer in a housing
development on Blue River Road near the East Washington Schools campus.  
    According to Nale, September 16 and 17 have been set for the case to be heard by Scott County Superior Court
Judge, Nicholas South, in Salem.  Nale seemed to speak for the Council members when he said, “This has dragged on
too long–it needs to go to trial.”
    Nale also informed the Council that the town has received a five year renewal of its permit to use a lagoon system
for waste water treatment.  Unlike mechanical waste treatment facilities, a lagoon system treats sewage by natural
filtration but does have very limited capacity.  According to Nale, the system is ideal for small communities and allows
for the sewer rates to remain at about 30 percent of what they would be with a mechanical waste treatment system.
Nale also indicated that he expects water rates for Pekin residents to remain stable for the foreseeable future.
    The Council received information from Nale regarding two companies looking for industrial sites in the Pekin area.
Nale did not elaborate on the information except to say that the companies are now located in Alabama and in
Michigan.  When asked if the current sewer and water capacity are such that a large increase could be accommodated, Nale expressed reservations if the town’s available capacity would be sufficient without some changes.
    Town Clerk/Treasurer, Sherry Clem, informed the Council that she would be meeting with a representative from the
Indiana Department of Local Government Finance (IDLGF) to work on the budget and tax rate for the town.  According to Clem, the DLGF has recommended that the town calculate Assessed Value at 85 percent of the 2007 calculation. In addition, Clem said that she will probably advertise a tax rate of .83 even though she expects the final rate will be less than half that number.  Clem said that she intends to have the town budget ready for adoption by the state mandated date of September 30.
    With no further business to conduct, the Council adjourned until its public budget hearing meeting on Tuesday,
September 16.??