Floyd County Sheriff's Department needs your help PDF Print E-mail

The Floyd County Police Department is conducting an investigation into six different cases in which shielded cables containing copper wire have been taken from “high line” poles.

The wire is in excess of 2,000 feet in length and near $100,000 in value. 
The  theft began on or around Oct. 9, 2011 on Corydon Pike near New Albany. 
Theft occurred in the days that followed on Borden Road, Blunk Knob Road., Moser Knob Road (on two different occasions) and on S. Skyline Drive. 
The photograph at right is  of a “person of interest.” 
Detectives would like to talk to this person regarding these crimes. 
Information can be forwarded to the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department at 948-5400 or by visiting www. http://fcsdin.homestead.com.