Clark County voters make a few changes in their leaders during recent General Election PDF Print E-mail

Clark County voters took to the polls last Tuesday to voice their opinion for local races. Sellersburg and Charlestown residents took time to vote for their favorites with a few changes in current administrations being made.
Clark County had 27.73 percent voter turnout as 17,888 ballots were cast for the 64,512 registered voters in the county. In Clark County 1,852 voters chose to vote straight Republican (40.23 percent) as 2,669 voted straight Democrat (57.97) and 83 voted straight Libertarian (1.80 percent).
Charlestown proved to have one of the hottest races in the entire county with the race for Mayor. Tuesday voters sent incumbent Republican Mayor Bob Hall back to City Hall over Democrat challenger Donna Ennis. Hall received 1,183 votes (52.07 percent) while Ennis earned 1,089 votes (47.93 percent).
The Charlestown City Council Member-at-Large seat will be occupied by Democrat Dan James who received 1,228 votes (54.60 percent) over Republican Ted Little Jr. with 1,021 votes (45.40 percent).
Charlestown City Council District 3 will be represented by Republican Scott McKechnie. He received 276 votes (52.37 percent) over Democrat Kelly Adams with 251 votes (47.63 percent).
Charlestown City Council District 4 will be represented by Republican Dan Roberts. He received 302 votes (50.50 percent) while Ruth Ann Rawlings, a Democrat, received 296 votes (49.50 percent).
Democrat Jeff Aaron and Democrat Kathy Cash will fill the other two seats on Charlestown’s City Council. The two ran unopposed in the General Election. Aaron will represent District 1 while Cash will represent District 2.
Democrat Donna Coomer also ran unopposed for Charlestown Clerk Treasurer.
Sellersburg Town Council District 2 will be represented by Democrat James LaMaster. He received 431 votes (51.01 percent) over Republican Mike Hostetler with 414 votes (48.99 percent).
Sellersburg Town Council District 4 will be represented by Democrat Terry Langford. He received 428 votes (51.26 percent) while Republican Louis Imhof received 407 votes (48.74 percent).
Sellersburg District 1 will be represented by Republican Paul Rhodes while District 3 will be represented by Republican Mike Lockhart and Brian Meyer, a Democrat, will hold the Sellersburg-At-Large seat. All three ran unopposed in Tuesday’s election.
David Kinder, a Democrat, also ran unopposed for Sellersburg Clerk Treasurer.