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Wednesday, 20 August 2008 00:00
??  ?    At the recent Salem School Board meeting held on Monday, August 11 the board approved another temporary loan in the amount of $500,000 to get through the third quarter and a three pay period month.
    “There is no evidence that we will receive any tax money.” state Dr. Kim Thurston.
    The school district paid $77,127.08 in interest charges for 2007 and they have borrowed more money for a longer period of time in 2008 although with a lower interest rate than in 2007.
    Member Jason Pepmeier asked if this was going to start of cycle of borrowing more and more.
According to Thurston “it could start a cycle but it really depends on the taxes, we are supposed to receive money is June and December and we have not. It’s very uncertain.”
    The board approved Jackson-Jennings Co-op for the corporation’s gas and diesel fuels. Gas will be at a fixed rate of $3.50 per gallon and diesel will be $3.79 at a variable rate with the option to lock in.
    Bonds were set for four cashiers for $200 providing coverage of $10,000 each and for the Food Service Director for $165 providing coverage  of $35,000
    Jackie Arnold approached the board with a new program at Salem High School in the business department that will be involved with IUPUI. Two teachers are certified to teach this program, Debbie Doyle and Debbie Allen. The board approved.
    The technical program will not begin until next school year although two boys are currently taking online classes at IUPUI.
    Dr. Thurston gave a summary of the corporation’s financial report and reported that in 2003 electricity, natural gas and water sewer amount that was paid was $390,873 and in 2007 they paid $546,424.
    “If all tax money was received in 2007, they would still have a negative cash flow because of rising utility and personnel costs and the reduction to our funding.”stated Thurston.
    The board in trying ways to economize approved only two field trips per grade level and if there are more than that the grade level will have to fund the trip. There will only be two trips per club/organization and again if more than two the club/organization will have fund it.
    Beginning this year the athletic department, including all sports programs, will have to pay the corporation 20 percent of the charge for diesel fuel for trips taken during each sports season. The bill will be developed at the close of the baseball sports season in the spring of 2009 and will be evaluated each year thereafter.
    Member Ann Terrell asked the other board members to consider being a paid board. She stated “We are in the only school corporation in the state of Indiana that is not paid, I have more reasons but one is to bring us to the 21st century, I feel we are falling behind.”
    That motion was quickly shot down by each member.
    “The financial situation we are in, I can’t look at a teacher and tell them no, because I am going to get paid. I just can’t do that. Maybe four years downstream we could see where we are, but not right now,”stated member Benjamin Bowling.
    “I join in with Ben. Yes, I agree to bring this board into the 21st century, I understand that, but I don’t feel like that would put us behind and I oppose it.” said member Steve Motsinger.
    “We are charging parents for all day kindergarten, I can’t be paid.”
    “Five minutes age we were borrowing more money and then for us to get paid, I can not do that.” stated member Pepmeier.
    The next regular scheduled Salem School Board meeting will be September 8.
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