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?    On the evening of August 14, troopers and detectives from the Indiana State Police Post at Sellersburg
arrested Bryan A. Stephens, 21, of Oak Street in New Salisbury, in connection with a fatal hit and run accident earlier
this month. Stephens was incarcerated in the Clark County Jail on preliminary charges of Failure to Stop for a Fatality
Crash, a C Felony.
    Troopers received a tip late in the afternoon on August 13 at the Sellersburg State Police Post that the
possible vehicle involved in the fatal hit and run that occurred on August 2 on Interstate 65 at approximately 4:07
a.m., was located at an address on Oak Street in New Salisbury. Troopers immediately went to the location and
secured a search warrant to seize the vehicle and other possible evidence of the crime.
    The vehicle was processed by Indiana State Police Evidence Technicians early on August 14 and later that
day troopers and detectives from the Indiana State Police located Stephens. After talking to him he was placed under
    Preliminary evidence from the scene appears to show that Edwin Zweydorff was south bound on Interstate
65 near the 11.5 Mile Marker in Clark County when a white 2000 Chevrolet Extreme pickup truck allegedly driven by
Bryan Stephens struck Mr. Zweydorff. The exact time of the crash is unknown, but investigators feel the crash took
place shortly before the report came in to the Indiana State Police Post at Sellersburg at 4:07 a.m. At the time of the
crash troopers at the scene called for an Indiana State Police Auto Theft Detective and an Indiana State Police
Evidence Technician. The evidence technician was able to locate parts of the alleged hit and run vehicle left at the
scene of the crash. Those pieces were large enough for Indiana State Police Auto Theft Detective, Steve Duvall to
positively identify the color and exact type of vehicle involved in the crash. Indiana State Police Detective Duvall
was so precise as to even give locations of damage to the truck. This information was released to the public on
August 7, leading to the tip and arrest made August 14.
    Troopers from the Indiana State Police Post at Sellersburg are encouraging anyone who may have seen or
talked to Bryan A. Stephens on August 1, up until August 14, to contact the Indiana State Police Post at Sellersburg
at 812-246-2509 or 1-800-872-6743.
    This investigation is continuing.