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 ?   Officials with the Floyd County Treasurer’s Office recently provided some information regarding the 2007 property taxes.
    No due date is available for the 2007 pay 2008 tax billing cycle. Because of this delay, taxpayers may want to consider making an advance payment to the Floyd County Treasurer. Advance payments are credited towards the amount of taxes that will be due, and can only be accepted directly by the Treasurer’s Office.

    The Treasurer, Darlene McCoy, has set up the ability to pay taxes by credit card this year. This feature has been contracted with PayGOV LLC. There are three options, and each option does have an additional fee to the taxpayer making the payment. Option 1 is to pay at the Treasurer’s office with your credit or debit card, with an additional 3 percent fee. Option 2 is to pay via the internet at www.paygovllc.com and following the onlineinstructions. There is a 3.95 percent fee for using the internet. Option 3 is to pay with your credit or debit card by calling PayGOV at 1-866-480-8552 and a live operator will assist you. There is a 4.95 percent additional fee for call-in payments. McCoy felt that even though using credit or debit card services has a cost factor to the payer, it would be helpful to offer this service to those who choose to utilize it.
    Once the tax bills are mailed, payments can be made at the Treasurer’s office in Room 113 of the City County Building, by mail, or at various local bank throughout Floyd County. At this time, no information is available to the Treasurer regarding the progress of the 2008 taxes that will be due for the 2007 assessments. However, more information is desired, calls may be made to their office at 948-5477 Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.