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Wednesday, 13 August 2008 00:00
??    The Washington County Council met in regular session on Monday, August 4 with all members present.  The Council unanimously approved the minutes of previous meetings.
    Washington County Highway Department Superintendent, Rick Graves, and County Commissioner, Mike Goering, requested permission to transfer $58,000 from other accounts to the Gas and Oil account to pay a misplaced fuel bill from April of this year.  According to Graves he became aware of the oversight when he recently received notice that no further shipments of fuel would be delivered until the bill was paid.  The request was approved
     In a telephone interview, Graves said that the overlooked fuel bill was approximately $29,000.  When asked why wouldn’t that money still be in the fuel fund since it is an account payable, Graves said that it has been absorbed by the sharp rises in fuel cost this summer.  “With the rising cost of fuel, I underestimated the budget for fuel and oil.” admitted Graves.
    Goering informed the Council that this action would cause a domino effect because the budget was intentionally overestimated when sent to the state of Indiana for approval.  According to Goering this is normal procedure for the purpose of transferring the overages at the end of each year to cover additional paving of roads.  For that reason, Goering requested that the Council release $99,000 in EDIT money to pay for asphalt.  After a heated discussion, the subject was tabled by a vote of 6-1, with Jim Nice opposed.
    In other business, the Council heard from Randy Lindauer and Mike Medlock of Washington County Memorial Hospital on the subject of the two new ambulances recently purchase by the hospital.  According to Medlock the ambulance service is nearly breaking even financially considering the subsidy being provided by the county.
    Medlock and Lindauer told the Council that plans are underway to build a heated garage for storage of the ambulances. According to Medlock, the major cause for trading in the two older ambulances had more to do with hours on the engines than miles.
    After the meeting, Medlock explained that the state agency whose duty it is to certify the readiness of local EMS units requires that all medicine be kept on the vehicles at all times.  Some of these medicines are temperature sensitive and the ambulances had to be kept running 24 hours a day to maintain the proper temperature inside the vehicles.  Lindauer said that the new garage facility will have be designed in a way to provide plug in heating systems on the ambulances and therefore eliminate the need to keep the engines running.
    The Council unanimously approved a request from the Public Defender’s Office to hire a replacement legal secretary with a maximum of 37 ½ hours per week.
    With no further business to conduct, the Council adjourned until Tuesday morning, August 12 when it will begin the annual budget hearings.
    The posted schedule for the budget hearings is as follows:
Tuesday, August 12
     ?    9 a.m.--Circuit Court.
     ?    9:20 a.m.–Sheriff Dept., Detention Center, User Fees (Marijuana), County Correctional Fund.
     ?    9:40 a.m.–Enhanced 911.
     ?    10 a.m.–Treasurer.
     ?    10:20 a.m.–Recorder.
     ?    10:40 a.m.–Surveyor.
     ?    11:00 a.m.–Assessor, Board of Review, Property Reassessment.
     ?    11:20 a.m.–Park and Recreation, Cumulative Park, Non-Reverting Fund.
     ?    11:40 a.m.–Auditor, County Courthouse and Buildings.
     ?    Noon–Break for Lunch.
     ?    1:30 p.m.–Emergency Management.
     ?    1:50 p.m.–Veterans Affairs.
     ?    2:10 p.m.–Cemetery Commission.
     ?    2:30 p.m.–Superior Court.
     ?    2:50 p.m.–Blue River Services.
     ?    3:10 p.m.–Probation Office, Home Detention, User Fees (Alcohol & Drug), Probation/Juvenile and Adult, Urine Screen Test, Drug Free community
     Support Fund.
     ?    3:30 p.m.–Commisssioners, Riverboat Revenue Fund, Riverboat Wage Revenue Share, Cumulative Captital Fund, County Economic Development
     Income Tax Fund, SWMD.
     ?    4 p.m.–Close for the day.
Wednesday, August 13
     ?    8 a.m.–Highway Department, Local Roads and Streets.
     ?    8:20 a.m.–Health Department, Local Health Maintenance, Tobacco Master Settlement.
     ?    8:40 a.m.–Coroner.
     ?    9 a.m.–Open
     ?    9:20 a.m.–Lifespring Mental Health.
     ?    9:40.a.m.–Public Defender.
     ?    10 a.m.–Cumulative Bridge Fund.
     ?    10:20 a.m.–Clerk, Election
     ?    10:40 a.m.–Local Emergency Plan, Right to Know.
     ?    11 a.m.–Soil and Water.
     ?    11:20 a.m.–Building Commissioner.
     ?    11:40 a.m.–Washington County Historical Society.
     ?    Noon–Break for Lunch.
     ?    1:30 p.m.–Hoosier Hills PACT.
     ?    1:50 p.m.–Prosecuting Attorney, Prosecuting Attorney 4D, User Fees (Pre-Trial Prosecutor), Adult Protective Services, Prosecutor Special Fees (Bad
     ?    2:10 p.m.–Council Discussion of Budgets.
     ?    4 p.m.–Close for the Day.
Thursday, August 14
     ?    8 a.m.–Purdue Extension Service, Weed Board.
     ?    8:20 a.m.–Continued Council Discussion of Budgets.
    The budget hearings will take place in the Council chambers in the basement of the county courthouse.
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