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Thursday, 07 August 2008 00:00
?    The Board of Aviation Commissioners (BOAC) for the Salem Municipal Airport met in regular session on Monday
evening, July 28.  Four Commissioners were present; the replacement for former BOAC member, Danny Libka, has not been appointed by Salem Mayor David Bower.  It was determined last month that Libka, a member of the Salem
Common Council, could not legally serve in both capacities.  The Board approved the minutes of previous meetings
    Board President, Bill Barnett, deviated slightly from the printed agenda for the purpose of electing a new Board
Secretary (Libka’s position on the BOAC).  By a vote of 3-0, BOAC member, Tim Pease, was elected Board Secretary.
    Based on a recommendation for Karla Price of R. W. Armstrong, the project manager for the new airport
construction, the BOAC voted unanimously to proceed with the appraisal of property to be purchased for the site of
the new facility.  The motion was made contingent on the approval of the appraisal review.  This action was taken by
the BOAC to take advantage of the FAA grant cycle for this phase of the project and to meet the deadlines for having
the appraisals completed by the end of August.  According to several members of BOAC, this action could cut as
much as one year out of the anticipated time line for building the new airport facility.
    In other business, Barnett told the Board that the Salem Clerk/Treasurer’s Office informed him of a payment in
excess of $63,000 has been received from the Federal Aviation Administration to pay for emergency repair work done on the apron of the runway recently.
    BOAC member, John Jones announced that the airport has office space available to rent and that any party
interested in the space should contact the airport or a member of the BOAC.
    After brief updates on progress in getting a courtesy car along with repair of the air conditioner for the terminal and
with no comments from the public, the BOAC adjourned until its next regularly scheduled meeting on Monday,
August 25.
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