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Wednesday, 06 August 2008 00:00
  ?    The administration of the North Harrison Community School Corporation has decided against challenging in court the petition opponents of the $15 million renovation of Morgan Elementary School recently had filed June 11 in the Harrison County Clerk’s office. 
    The petition has been verified with 121 valid signatures.
    The petition drive was led in part by North Harrison Classroom Teacher’s Association president Greg Rupp, who thinks that it would be better to pay off the present high school debt, and then renovate both Morgan Elementary School and North Harrison Middle School at the same time.
    The legal question centered on whether or not the remonstrance petition could be signed by former North Harrison Board member Kathy Goldman, and also notarized by her.
    The publishing of a legally required notice verifying the remonstrance petition against the Morgan project was published in last week’s Corydon Democrat (Wednesday, July 30). The notice started a 60 day remonstrance period, with the 30-day cooling off period starting July 30.
    The following 30 day period (starting Aug. 28) will allow both supporters and opponents of the plan a chance to see who can gather the most signatures. The people signing either petition must be registered voters and taxpayers. The side gathering the most signatures in the 30 day period wins.
    In the event that the building opponents would win, the administration would have to wait at least a year to propose the plan again. If the plan were identical, it would go to a voter referendum the following year.
    North Harrison Supt. Dr. Phil Partenheimer added that the referendum would only be necessary if the plan was not only identical to the present proposal for Morgan Elementary School, but also over $10 million in costs.
    Dr. Partenheimer said, “It comes down to whether or not we have a building project for Morgan, or not.” He added that it also will determine “whether we have equity in our school corporation, or not.”
    Dr. Partenheimer stressed that “It’s for the education of the children. It baffles me. It’s also baffling that teachers would be opposed to it.”
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