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Dana Muntz, who is Chief Nursing Officer/Chief Executive Officer of St. Vincent-Salem attended the county council’s regular meeting on Oct. 6, to update them on the hospital and squash rumors that are circulating in the community.

One of those Muntz said was that the Mayor is going to purchase the in-patient unit and was going to close it down and put in offices.
“That is not the case,” Muntz said.
She said she also heard another group was going to purchase the hospital and shut the doors.
“Again, that is not happening,” Muntz said. “We are not going anywhere.”
Muntz did say the hospital is in a transition phase as they near the end of the lease.
The five-year lease is up on Feb. 1, 2015.
“The hospital has given the intent to continue working with the hospital,” Muntz said. “We are in negotiations and hopefully we will have some news to share with the public very soon.”
Muntz said the hospital has been successful.
“Last year we exceeded budget by almost $700,000,” she said. “We know there is room for expansion. We are currently looking for a primary care doctor and we are also hoping to expand by two more nurse practitioners next year.”
Muntz said over the past three years St. Vincent has invested $3.3 million into the facility.
“We have a lot of up to date equipment to offer our patients,” she said.
Muntz said they are planning an open house where they will invited the public to come in and see all the improvements that have been made.
“We have a lot of great services and at the open house and the citizens will see all the things we offer,” she said.
She they also plan to have an ambulance and helicopter for kids to go in and will offer free smoothies (of some color) to those who attend.
The goal for the open house is Nov. 8, but that will depend on whether or not the current construction at the hospital is complete. 
In other business
The council approved several additional appropriations.
They approved a request from County Assessor for $26,000 to be transferred from his reassesmant fund.
They agreed to replace employees in the surveyor’s office, highway department and a paramedic.
They also agreed to replace an employee in the recorder’s office.
The council also tabled their appointment to the ABC Board. No one expressed interest to being appointed. Councilman John Revels said if no one wants to be appointed he’d be willing to step up.
County Attorney Mark Clark found out during the meeting that Revels can not serve on that board because of his position with the county.
Sabrina Burdine from the Washington County Economic Growth Partnership gave the Council an update. The partnership’s website is up and going. The group is also working on marketing their properties and facilities.
Burdine said the EGP met with a company that is interested in moving to Washington County.
She said they are also working on a tax abatement for a local industry that wants to expand.
The council had a request to put their names on a joint letter sent to the EPA requesting that group not implement more strenuous language on the county’s waterways.
“There are bills in the House of Representatives that are trying to stop this,” Hoar said.
The council did not act on the request at that time.     
The council’s next meeting will be Monday, Nov. 3 at the county government building.