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“An escape from not your problems, but the real world for a couple hours,” Zach Sisson answered when asked what someone that has never seen a show could expect from Rinker's Creek.


Finding an escape on the weekend from a hectic work week filled with meetings, deadlines and the hustle of everyday life is something many residents wish for. And that is just what one local band has promised.

“It's a party. It's a good time. You won't leave our show without having a good time. If you don't have a good time, it's your own fault,” lead vocalist Luke Watson added.

Lead guitarist Sisson added,  “It's an opportunity to have a good time. Let us provide the entertainment and you will have a good time.”

Rinker's Creek was founded in May 2013 and performs country music during their local shows. Band members include: Watson, Sisson, Nathan Bates on acoustic guitar and vocals; Jordan Webb on bass guitar and Noah Bates on drums and vocals.

The band began forming once Watson and Nathan graduated from Charlestown High School in 2012.

“I knew Nathan played acoustic. I sang. I just called him and said let's get together and play,” Watson recalled how the band got its start. “Then we added Noah.”

Members of the band also knew each other from a previous band experience. The bond Rinker's Creek have formed is evident at any show. The passion for providing great entertainment is also evident just moments after the guys take the stage.

Watson offers an energetic spark as lead singer with Bates, Sisson and Webb getting their motor running on guitars plus Noah on drums proving his passion for music.

Rinker's Creek would love the opportunity to show you a good time. They will be performing at Bucky's Grill & Pub located at 305 S. Highway 62 in New Washington. The Rinker's Creek show will be held in The Lodge from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Saturday, February 14.

When asked what they would say to someone hesitant to come to a show, the band members were quick to respond.

“Give us the opportunity to show you a good time. This is why we do what we do, to be a form of entertainment for others. We have a song for everybody,” stated Watson.

Webb added, “Just give us a chance. We play a lot of variety.”

Rinker's Creek shows a lot of talent for their young age. The oldest members of the band are 21 years old while the youngest, Sisson, is a 17 year old junior at Our Lady of Providence Junior Senior High School.

“Our talent for our age,” Noah answered when asked what makes a Rinker's Creek show different from other local bands.

Rinker's Creek gives credit to their musical influences including Eric Church, Justin Moore, Jason Aldean and Florida-Georgia Line. The band also enjoys music from Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard and Alabama.

When asked what their favorite song to perform live, Watson laughed, as the other members immediately looked at him.

“Country Girl (Shake It For Me),” Watson answered. Each member agreed. Noah said he enjoyed watching Watson perform the popular country song performed by Luke Bryan. Rinker's Creek also enjoys performing Eric Church's Drink In My Hand. Church, according to Watson, is his favorite artist to sing live.

Nathan shared a different song he enjoys performing live during the interview he joined in via phone as he is attending Indiana University- Bloomington.

“In Color by Jamey Johnson. I have been playing that song forever. There are many memories associated with it. It was my grandparent's anniversary and I dedicated it to them,” Nathan Bates added.

Rinker's Creek is hoping to expand their performances regionally. The group is working on picking up shows in Louisville and Nashville, Tennessee. The band has many “cool moments” since their first show. Many venues have made memorable shows for Rinker's Creek including Charlestown's Founder's Day, Louisville Slugger Field, JoJo's at Bushman's Lake, MackDaddy's and Bucky's.

“I think the loudest response we ever got was in Carrollton (Kentucky) when we did Drink In Your Hand,” Watson stated. “Man, they were loud. It was great! Then at Founder's Day, that was awesome. We were the headline band  on the first night.”

Rinker's Creek was honored to be a part of the Light the Night Walk at Slugger Field in September 2013.

“We played to over 5,000 that night. It was awesome,” Sisson stated. “We have done a lot of benefits. As much as we enjoy the shows, it is also enjoyable to give back to the community.”

Sisson continued, “We are now beginning to design and sell Rinker's Creek merchandise like t-shirts and beverage holders.”

Nathan also shared some insight on how the band got their name.

“Did they tell you how we got our name,” Nathan asked. “Rinker's Creek was the name of the road going to my Grandpa's farm.”

Rinker's Creek is appreciative of the fan support they have already received in their first few years. They enjoy talking with fans and posing for pictures after shows.

“We are really appreciative of all of our fans and everybody helping us out. We cannot say thank you enough,” Nathan concluded.

For more information on Rinker's Creek please visit their website at http://www.rinkerscreek.com or like them on Facebook.