Busy year for EHS Leadership Project PDF Print E-mail
The ES program has been busy at Eastern High School. 
The following is a look at the projects the group has been taking part in:
· March Project—Can Drive with the ES Teacher Dodgeball Game (students in charge of the project:  Andrea Joiner, Caitlin Baines, Abbey Bryson, Becca Gilstrap); Can Drive was from March 17-21 with the game March 21; results:  1,188 cans and $43.00; HR winner was:  Marcia Smith’s class; a donut breakfast was provided for the winning HR
· January Project—Survey and Awareness of Drugs and Alcohol Use by Peers and Lunch Demo (students in charge of the project:  Kirsten Jayne, Jon-Michael Beasley, Elizabeth Puckett, Kira Asher); did surveys and discussions during HR times to see if kids really had an accurate view of the real statistics behind peer drug and alcohol use and discussed with them how to not participate in them; they also used the drunk goggles we received through a LEAD Initiative grant and did demos during lunch March 19-21 (right before Spring Break) and kids used them to perform walking, writing, and locating tests to see how impair drugs/alcohol really make people; students who participated with the goggles and signed the pledge to be Drug and Alcohol Free , received Smartie candies
· Also, we did a HS vs. MS Can Drive in February and I think I might have forgotten to send you photos of that.  I don’t know if it is too late but I will send a couple of those too.  Here is the info:  February Project—Can Drive with HS vs. MS Teacher Volleyball Game (students in charge of the project:  Rachel Hamilton, Debra Davis, Molly Howard, Zenas Bowling); Can Drive was from Feb. 13-Feb. 25 with the game Feb. 25; results:  488 cans and $469.00; HR winner for the HS was: Harting; HR winner for the MS was:  Bastain; a donut breakfast was provided for the winning HRs
· Currently, we are working on a mural project.  Here is the info on that:  Mural project is a school-wide contest that was held from Feb. 17-March 14 where students submited drawings in four categories that will be turned into large-scale murals and hung throughout the school (students in charge of the project:  Carly Stahl, Rachel Hamilton, Haley Logsdon, Andrea Joiner, Kaitlyn O’Leary*); student designs were selected (Self-Image Category: Alexis England, Volunteering/Helping Others Category: Payton Sparks, Not Texting and Driving Category: Payton Sparks, Accepting Others Category: Mercedez Morgan); group worked on scheduling work times on murals.