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West Washington sophomore Chase Farmer has experienced football at a high level the past two offseasons thanks to back-to-back invitations to play in the International Bowl.


Farmer said he attends a two-day regional development camp in Indianapolis at Westfield High School and from there players are selected to attend regional development games in Canton Ohio or California.

From those two development games players are selected to go to Arlington, Texas and compete in the International Bowl.

Farmer has been selected to go to the International Bowl the past two years in both his freshman and sophomore seasons.

“It’s been really fun,” Farmer said. “It’s the best of the best. We had eight receivers and they are all really good so there is a constant rotation. Guys are a lot bigger and faster and it’s fun meeting people from all over.”

Farmer, who is the son of Brian and Melissa Farmer, said there were players from 48 states at the International Bowl.

As far as how he stacks up against the best of the best?

“I think I did pretty good,” he said. “Of course it takes some time to get use to that level of competition. I didn’t start, but I was a sub. It’s so different from what I experience here, but I think I did pretty good.”

When Farmer speaks of the difference, he said he is talking more about size.

“Coming from a small school, we don’t have that big of a team,” he said. “Plus, the size of the stadium. It’s one of the biggest anywhere.”

The International Bowl is played in the house that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones built, ATT Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

“It’s pretty crazy to run out of the tunnel and look up and see just how bit it is,” Farmer said.

Farmer thinks the extra work is paying off, both as a player and a person.

“One of the things they stress is character,” he said. “A lot of kids who are really good don’t get invited because of their attitudes. So they want to develop character but the other component is developing your football skills. They stress starts, getting off the ball faster and they stress a a lot of fundamentals.

“The college coaches know what they are talking about and they really work with you and try to help develop your skills. We are there to win, but more than that, we are there to get better.”

West Washington Head Coach Phillip Bowsman said he has seen the improvement, as well.

“Players learn different things when they attend this type of stuff,” Bowsman said, “from a standpoint of how it’s taught. Sometimes it’s not even anything drastic, but even as coaches we go to camps to improve. Our goal is to try to pick up two or three things to help us improve to maybe teach new or teach a different way. It’s a similar thing for Chase and the other players when they go to these things.

“I think it’s great for him to go out and get that competition against that higher lever competition.”

Another advantage, Farmer is able to share some of the skills he has learned with other West Washington players who don’t attend the camps.

“I’ve taught some of the guys some of the things they taught me at the came,” Farmer said. “A lot of it is similar to what they are teaching us here, but there are a few things that I’ve been able to bring back.”

One of the players Farmer has played against in the International Bowl was the number one ranked running back in his class last year.

“He wasn’t on my team, but he was really good and big,” he said. “There were some really good defensive backs.”

Farmer doesn’t make any pretenses about what he is hoping to accomplish with the extra work. He wants to see West Washington football winning more championships and ultimately getting back to Indianapolis.

“I am excited about the future,” he said. “I’ve been playing with these same guys since the third grade and we’ve had the same saying, ‘One Team, One Dream!’ and that’s to get to Lucas Oil. I think we have a shot. Last year we were young. It wasn’t a rebuilding year, but playing so many young guys is going to make us more suited for this year. I think now that our freshman have that year of experience, I think we will be pretty good.

“I think we have what it takes to do what we want to do, which is win a sectional and move along in the tournament.”


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