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To say the Floyd Central students and staff have gotten behind the annual Dance Marathon that raises money for Riley’s Childrens’ Hospital in Indianapolis would be an understatement.


Floyd is one of the top fundraising schools for the cause in the nation and the 2017 Dance Marathon was no exception.

Junior Tre Muntz, who raised more than $3,300 of this year’s near $90,000 total said students get behind the cause for two reasons.

“I think the reason kids get interested is due to the fact that we do all of our work for a great cause and we all have fun in the end,” he said. “So, I believe it’s the cause and the system in which we do things that leads people to join.”

Muntz both of those things spoke to him, but he was also drawn to the fact that students from varying walks of life are drawn together for a common cause.

“The thing that caught my attention the most was how much effort and work went into raising all the money for Riley’s,” Muntz said. “Also, my eyes opened especially when ,at the end of the 2015 FCDM, all the students there held hands and stood in a circle. It showed me that the dance marathon can bring people from different diversities and origins together for one amazing cause.”

One of the staff members who helped start the event, Tiffany Stansbury said she is amazed at the work and success of the event.

“I am honestly amazed every single year when I see our total,” she said. “No matter what the total is, it’s a success in my eyes. It’s more money than the hospital had the day before. But to be able to continually raise big amounts, amazes me every single year.”

Stansbury said the largest generator of funds for the event was the personal fundraising the dance marathon executive council raised.

“This is the group of student leaders who plan the event,” Stansbury said.  “We had several students raise more than $3,000 each.

“One student, Sydney LaDuke raised $7,000 alone, which is the highest ever. She’s an amazing young lady with so much heart and passion.”

Fundraising for the 2018 Floyd Central Dance Marathon will kick off in September with the annual golf scramble at Old Capital.

Muntz said he will be involved again and wants to see the dance marathon continue to grow.

“My goal for senior year is to become an executive and potentially an emcee for the night of the dance marathon,” he said. “Although, my main goal is to get 800 dancers to the marathon and maybe raise $150,000 by the end of the year.”

For more information about the dance marathon and to learn how to get involved visit

Photos were provided by Patti Hartog.


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