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Salem Democrat Mayoral Candidate Hank Jacoby was found dead in his home last Thursday morning.

Washington County Coroner Rondale Brishaber said Jacoby’s death was natural and said it was found to be probable sudden cardiac death. He said hypertension was also a contributing factor.


Jacoby, originally from New England, moved to Salem in 2006 and worked himself into the fabric of the community.

In addition to his work at Kimball International where he worked as the Global Sourcing Commodity Manager, he had served on the Washington County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, where he served as president and director for more than five years.

Jacoby also served as a member of Rotary. He also served as a SOAR! tutor and was on the Work One: Workforce Investment board.

In his time as president of the chamber, Jacoby really helped to energize that organization.

In a press release announcing his candidacy earlier this year, Jacoby said Salem feels like home.

“It’s the first place I’ve felt at home since leaving my parents’ house; from the very first day of my interview with Kimball Office. It was early April.  I walked the square in the snow, everyone knew how to pronounce my last name, and I had an amazing structured panel interview with four Kimball Office folks. I was praying they would offer me the job as I drove back to Ohio.”

Anita Bush issued a statement last week on behalf of the chamber, offering condolences to Jacoby’s family and friends.

Earlier this year Jacoby decided to seek the position of mayor and was thinking outside of the box in his campaigning and instead of having traditional yard signs, had individuals holding his campaign signs. The “Honk for Hank” movement was picking up steam.

According to his website hankjacoby for mayor his no yard sign strategy was three fold.

The site says, “Yard signs are inherently divisive; Why buy a hundred of something that is bound for the landfill after the campaign? What a waste!” And lastly, “Why not spend dollars locally on animated marketing to get the message across?”
Jacoby’s arrangments are being handled by Dawalt Funeral Home in Salem. His services will be Wednesday at 7 p.m.
A complete obituary for Jacoby can be found inside this section on The Washington County Edition.

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