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A small, quiet, petite six year old walked across the stage at Clarksville Little Theater for her very first audition. She walked up to the microphone and made an announcement, “I don’t want to do this anymore!”

“I stood up and said OK, let’s go. I walked over to the director and basically apologized. She said no problem. Bring her back next year,” Marianna Clark recalled of the first audition for then six year old daughter, Ryley Nicole.

Ryley continued playing and doing what six years olds do. Then the theatre bug bit her as an eight year old.

“My first show, Seussical- The Musical,” stated Ryley when asked what sparked her interest in the film/acting industry.

Ryley first hit the stage at Charlestown High School with the production and knew she found what she loved. The passion has grown and grown. Ryley is now an 18 year old freshman at Ball State with a double major in Directing and Telecommunications. She is chasing her dream and letting nothing stop her.

A typical day for Ryley would make most need a nap by noon, but not this teen. She has spent her summers preparing for her career choice and already has movie experience.

The Charlestown teen will make her debut this Sunday, October 23 at Village 8 Theaters. “Marvelous Mandy,” a psychological thriller will be Ryley’s debut at 7 p.m. The movie is directed by A Cut to the Chase Productions.

Shortly after her first debut, Ryley will make her second film appearance in “Andy’s Rainbow.” This is a faith based film directed by Amor Domini Productions. The actual date for the release is still to be determined, but will be soon.

Ryley will also make an appearance in the Sony Production of “A Girl from Compton” on Lifetime. The movie will debut in the Spring. She also made an appearance as an extra in “Tragedy Girls.”

Another recent job left Ryley calling mom as any girl would do to share exciting news.

“I just talked to Nicolas Cage! We did the scene and then he shook my hand and said, ‘I’m Nic.’,” a very excited Ryley recalled. “I was like, yeah, I know who you are. I shook his hand and said, ‘Hi, I’m Ryley Nicole.’”

Ryley spent her last summer before college making a feature film, “Mom & Dad.” She plays a student in the film featuring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair. She was the stand in for Blair until Ryley left for Ball State in mid-August.

Ryley spent a lot of time on the theatre stage, especially at Charlestown High School. Her favorite theatre role was JOHN LENNON & ME as a junior at Charlestown High School.

“I think that was one of the most powerful roles. And it was for a great cause. We donated the proceeds to Connor Aaron. My character had CF and so it was fitting,” Ryley stated. “Musical wise, my favorite is probably Schoolhouse Rock. You was always moving and it was something different.”

Ryley has had to prove this is what she is meant to do over and over. The path for an actress and for those in the film industry is never an easy one, Ryley is learning it may not be easy, but it is well worth it.

“I had to have some things worked around my schedule in high school. Finally, it worked out. I was able to intern at Derby Dinner Playhouse with Bekki Jo Schneider. They normally do not take high school interns, but they made an exception.”

The exception was a great way for Ryley to gain more knowledge of the production side of a show and the extra things that must be accomplished for a show to be a hit. Coming from the theatre background Ryley has working knowledge of sets, blocking and the innerworkings of putting on a show. She has taken much of what she has learned and is now putting it to good use. Of course, there is always someone who has left their mark on a young mind working toward a career goal.

Ryley’s mentor is Charlestown High School’s Nate Hayden. Ryley shared several stories of Hayden’s desire to see Ryley succeed, not only at the high school level, but beyond. She often thought a transfer to another school may give Ryley a better chance in her career. But, Ryley had one thing she wanted that was not offered at any other school.

“I thought about transferring. I thought about it at the beginning of each school year. And it was always like ‘no.’ I will stay. Then, it was like, ‘No. I want my seven year rose from Mr. Hayden’,” Ryley recalled as a huge smile crossed her face.

The rose is presented to each senior during the last production of the year at Charlestown High School by Mr. Hayden. Many students feel the same way as Ryley and work hard to earn the special rose from a special mentor.

Ryley has enjoyed much success on the theatre stage. Her first experience in theatre that was not the level of high school or community theatre came at Stage One.

“I was at Stage One for “Madeline’s Christmas,” Ryley stated. “It was my first taste of not just working community theatre or high school. It was then, I knew. This is what I’m going to do. I feel like this is my God given gift. This is what I am supposed to do.”

Ryley explained further, “I guess the difference between me and a typical 18 year old is, when you are young you want to be a singer or actress. I guess I just never grew out of it. I know I can’t do something where it’s a set schedule. I love that every day is different.”

The switch from theatre to the passion for film is relatively new for Ryley. She spent the summer of 2014 at the New York Film Academy. She went on a partial scholarship for musical theatre. While attending she had some film acting classes. The experience at the New York Film Academy is what Ryley credits to her transition from stage to screen.

“I went for musical theatre but took some film acting classes when I was there. We had to do improv classes also. I just learned so much and improved so much. It gave me a passion. I was starting to feel drained here. It reassured me this is what I was meant to do. This is where I am meant to be,” Ryley explained.

Ryley’s initial taste of film was from being cast in two commercials and then “Marvelous Mandy.” She loves the live audience in theatre and always made sure to have grand gestures so the person sitting in the last row of the theater, although cannot see her facial expressions, can still feel the emotion the character is portraying during the scene.

“It’s no different than the adrenaline a high school football player gets when he hits the field under the lights on a Friday night. It’s the same for the stage. Before a production, I always find a little spot by myself to prepare. I always tell one person where I am so they come get me for curtain. It’s just a ritual before, you don’t speak. I let everything go. I have to get into character. “But then when I come off the stage I’m like the Energizer Bunny on crack. I’m all over the place. I can’t shut up. We usually go out to eat and I’m still all pumped up,” Ryley added.

She continued,  “But with film it’s different. You have to connect with your character. I’m still me, but I’m still building the character. In theatre you have five or six weeks to build the character, with film, it’s on the fly! In film even the smallest changes are noticed. It may just be a glint in my eye or an eyebrow raise, but it is the difference in the scene.”

Ryley has been in 30 theatrical plays since she was eight years old. She is now starting to accumulate a nice resume for the film industry. Along with the two commercials and previously mentioned feature films, Ryley is one of less than 10 girls vying for the lead female role of “Josh Taylor’s Prom Date.” The female lead started with 800 interested actresses. Ryley was chosen by the director of the film, Andy Pett, to read for the role. In February Ryley and Marianna will travel to Los Angeles for the third and final round of auditions for the part.  
Ryley was also recently cast as an extra in the “Family Tree” sitcom. The new series will premiere on the CW on New Year’s Eve.

Ryley Nicole definitely knows how to keep herself busy with the filming schedules she has kept and now the 18 credit hours at Ball State, but during the rare opportunity for spare time, she was quick to answer how she enjoys to spend it.

“Now that I got to college, I like to go to the gym. I like the destress moment. In between classes I like to take a nap. Or, I like to watch Netflix or even clean,” as she gave a small smile to Mom. “Hey, it’s a small space, it gets dirty really quick!,” Ryley added.

Then the true 18-year old answer came, “I really just like to sit with friends and just talk and do nothing,” Ryley concluded.


Ryley Nicole is represented by MMG Model & Talent Agency NYC. She has an professional page on Facebook- Ryley Nicole Official page. She posts new castings and updates so she can keep her small town fans up to date on her path. Ryley Nicole has made the transition from the stage to the screen with no intention of anything stopping her from chasing her dream!

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