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There is a very familiar face sitting behind the Deputy Chief’s desk at the Sellersburg Police Department (SPD). Major Matt Adams began his new role with the department in July and is excited about the new challenge.


Adams, a graduate of Silver Creek High School, began his career at the Sellersburg Police Department in May 2005. His entire career has been with Sellersburg Police as he began his career as a Reserve for Sellersburg in 2003.

The Sellersburg Police Department is just the right fit for Adams.        “This is where I grew up. This is where I graduated. I still have family that live here,” stated Adams.

Adams has filled many roles over the years at SPD. He was a K-9 Officer from 2007-2013 and was the Detective from May 2016 until taking on his new role as Deputy Chief.

“I have been a Patrolman, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Detective and now Major,” Adams explained.

Like many of his counterparts, Adams knew from an early age that he wanted to be in law enforcement.

“My grandfather was a police officer in Clarksville. I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I always knew I wanted to be a police officer since I was a kid,” he stated.

Adams recalled a fond memory of spending time with his grandfather.

“I liked hearing all the stories when I was a kid. My grandpa would meet up with all his retired buddies at Shoney’s and take me with him on the weekends,” Adams smiled. “I got to hear all the stories those guys told.”

Working every day, putting in the hours, dedication and time is easier for most people when they are working toward a goal. Adams is no different.

“My ultimate goal before I retire is to be Chief. This is just one step closer to reaching that goal. This is giving me the opportunity of learning the ins and outs and get the experience of the administration side of the job so it’s not just dropped in my lap one day,” Adams explained. “The administration side is way different than working the streets as a police officer.”

Adams was quick to answer what his biggest challenge has been from transitioning to Deputy Chief.

“Trying to juggle work life with home life. There is just not enough time in the day for both. There are some things at home you just don’t want to miss out on, but you have to because of work,” Adams explained.

Adams also explained a challenge that most of the police departments are tackling on a national level.

He continued about the public stereotype of police officers, “With this being a small community most people like us. We are working to get the bad stereotype of all police officers are bad because of just one. We’re just trying to show that not all police officers are bad. That is an ongoing challenge we are ready to accept.”

Adams has had a few months to work through the transition to Deputy Chief. A transition that has been pretty smooth for him and the department.

“It has been easier than I thought it would be. As the Detective I was aware of some things going on in the administration. Being here Monday through Friday during daylight hours I was able to see some of the administration work,” Adams explained. “When you are wearing a uniform, you are set to work from this time to this time. Then as a Detective you work a lot of hours. Now I am here during the day. But with the administration you are also on call. It’s a lot like back when I had the dog, you worked a lot of hours and were on call. Whenever they called, you go because you are needed.”

SPD is continuously working to serve and protect the citizens of Sellersburg. Every officer is committed to professionally serve the residents. Major Adams wants the public to feel comfortable coming to him for assistance.

“I am always accessible to the public. I want to get the police officers back to more of a community based police department. If you do wrong, you will still be held accountable, but I want them to know we are here to help with anything we can help with,” Adams explained. “We want to be able to interact with the public in a positive way. We want to be community friendly.”

Adams also reached out to local business owners, organizations and groups.

He concluded, “If any businesses would like any assistance with Meet and Greets or any public social events, please feel free to contact us. We will help in any way we can.”

For more information about the Sellersburg Police Department or to schedule a Meet and Greet for your business or organization, please contact Major Matt Adams at 812-246-4491.


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