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Written by Janna Ross   
Wednesday, 30 July 2008 00:00

Free broadband service to 50 homes

   On Tuesday, July 22, Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman was in Charlestown to announce the designation of Charlestown as one of nine Hoosier communities to benefit from grants generated by the Office of Community & Rural Affairs (OCRA). In conjunction with AT&T and One Economy, the state-sponsored program will provide two years of free broadband service links for 50 homes that meet household income requirements.
    Lt. Governor Skillman spoke of new policies within state government to support and improve life in small towns and rural areas as well as a number of grant programs.
    Skillman stated, “Rural development has been my long-time passion. That’s why I’m so proud to be here today; to stand with AT&T and One Economy, and the city of Charlestown. We are announcing today that 50 Charlestown families will receive free high-speed internet access through DSL for two years. This state-wide project is only possible thanks to the generosity of AT&T and One Economy,” continued the Lt. Governor. “AT&T is going to provide this free internet server for two years and then One Economy will provide the computers if they’re needed, at a low cost. We want to make sure that this program reaches the families with the greatest need.”
    Director of External Affairs Rick Borries of AT&T declared, “At AT&T we are committed to connecting people; wherever you live, wherever you work, wherever you play. So we take great pride in being part of a program that will help local residents here in Charlestown to get connected. Online access creates a whole new world of opportunity for education and it will improve the quality of life. Through this announcement today, we are going to provide free high speed internet to those qualifying families for the next two years. In doing so, we hope that the participants will take full advantage of harnessing the internet to improve their quality of life.”
    One Economy Corporation director James Gore, explained that they are a global non-profit organization providing computers to complete the project.
    Gore said, “One Economy is proud to be a part of this team that is brining the power of information and technology to more families here in Charlestown. This program provides internet access that keeps the family home, because now young people can actually do
their homework where it’s meant to be done; in their homes, instead of having to travel out to the library.”
    Charlestown Mayor Bob Hall stated, “It’s definitely a honor to have the Lieutenant Governor here and for her selecting Charlestown as one of the communities that can benefit from this initiative. While we’re starting out with one program here with 50 service links, it is only one part of the city’s overall high tech initiative. It’s amazing what is at our fingertips through the internet. The world’s repository of knowledge is available to anyone with an internet connection and a computer. Because of Lieutenant Governor Skillman and AT&T and One Economy, suddenly it’s available for more people. It fits perfectly with the city’s overall plan and the new design of the city’s website (CityofCharlestown.com) and the school one to one initiatives.”
    In appreciation of her efforts, Lt. Governor Skillman was presented with a full compliment of Charlestown Bicentennial souvenirs by city Clerk-Treasurer Donna Coomer. Some of the children who have been nominated by school officials to receive proffered services were present and were photographed with Lt. Governor Skillman.
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