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Tuesday, 07 December 2010 00:00

At the recent Board of Commissioners meeting held on Tuesday, November 30, Rhonde Greene brought to the Commissioners a program that could help all of the Boards in the County with neccessary tools to be an effective board.
“There are so many well intended people trying to get together to make better changes,” Greene said.
Greene has talked with Margi Morris, who would administer the program with the cost of $5,000.
“Give the people the opportunity to do the right thing and be able to communicate and bond as a community, a program of this sort would do just that. To let things go as they are now is unacceptable, with the millions that were lost in the hospital deal, $5,000 is not a lot of money. I am not asking for a vote today, just think about it,” Greene urged.
Commissioner Dave Brown said he is not opposed to the program, but would want to see other groups participate.
“This is something to consider but do not want to throw away $5,000 if the participation by the different boards is not there,” he said. “We need to involve the other boards and get their feelings on this kind of program. It would not make sense to set something up with no interest.”
Commissioner Mishler agreed with the lack of participation and offered  a way to possibly get more people involved.
“I believe there has been some training in the past with not much participation, maybe make it a one day seminar,” he said.
Greene said she feels that a one day program is not suffiencent because every board is different in  their needs.
“Not a general one day meeting, but geared for one board at a time,” she said.
Eric Rugsby suggested a training video be made, so boards can see an actual meeting taking place along with board interaction.
The Commissioners asked Greene to approach area boards and see if this is a program they would be interested in and get their input.
Greene said she will do that and report back to the Board of Commissioners with feed back.

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