Back-to-back perfect season for EWMS sixth-grade girls PDF Print E-mail

It’s tough to talk about dynasties in junior high athletics, but East Washington may be establishing on with their sixth-grade girls’ basketball team.


The Lady Musketeers recently finished their second undefeated season in a row.

East Washington was 11-0 this fall.

“I think the keys are their determination, dedication, and discipline,” said Head Coach Melissa Lewis. “Their work ethic is incomparable. It also really helps that we aren’t just a five-player team. I can sub throughout the game and we don’t lose anything because our bench is just as good as our starters.”

Lewis said in order for the sixth-grade squad to continue to rack up wins will really come down to two factors – remaining dedicated and humble.

Another thing that could derail the sixth-grade team’s success is if they don’t continue to improve.

“Just because we are undefeated in seasons doesn’t mean we don’t have weaknesses and areas to grow,” she said. “We can stand to improve in every area of basketball. If the girls can keep that hunger to compete and grow individually and together, then the possibilities for them are endless.”

Lewis said she doesn’t worry about those things too much, because it’s a close-knit group and they are more than a team.

“We have already formed a family bond that I hope will only continue to grow stronger,” she said.

The fifth-grade team, coached by Brooke Rodewig wasn’t undefeated, but they only lost one time and that was to North Harrison.

“I think we were such a successful team because the girls were always willing to listen and be coached,” Rodewig said. “They were determined to be good and they put in the hard work daily to be as good as they were.”

Another contributing factor for the both teams’ success was their fans.

“Our fan base was phenomenal,” Rodewig said. “Our parents were always so loud at the games and always had something positive to say about each and very one of the girls and that was awesome!”

Lewis said the support from the parents was better than it is in some high school programs.

“We also have one of the strongest support systems and fan bases from family and friends,” Lewis said. “Having support like we do is unheard of even in some high school programs. Having that in middle school is one of the biggest blessings of being involved with these teams.”