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An enthusiastic crowd of around 500 people were at Plantation Hall Monday morning at Huber’s Orchard & Winery to greet Presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

At times Cruz seemed to be more focused on urging voters to vote against Trump, rather than voting for him.

“Over the course of the year, the primary has done what it is supposed to do, it has narrowed the field,” he said. “As we stand here today there are two, and only two, candidates who have any plausible path to winning the Republican nomination -- me and Donald Trump!

“What we are seeing happen are Republicans coming together to unite. National 65 to 70 percent Republicans understand that Donald Trump is not the best candidate to go head-to-head with Hilary Clinton. If Donald is the nominee, Hillary wins and she wins by double digits.”

Cruz followed that by claiming there is far more at stake for Republicans than losing the White House.

“If Hillary wins, we lose the Senate, we may well lose the House! We lost the Supreme Court for a generation and the Bill of Rights is put in jeopardy,” he said. “Our kids will be buried under trillions more in debt and we are trapped under the same economic stagnation we’ve seen over the past seven years.

“On the other hand if I am the nominee, we beat Hilary Clinton! We’re winning in the critical swing states, we’re winning with Independents and we are beating Hilary Clinton with young people by double digits.”

When he wasn’t pushing the crowd toward a Clinton-Cruz showdown, he was stressing the important role Hoosier voters will play in the political process.

“Indiana has a national platform and a national voice,” Cruz said. “At the end of May we will have the Indy 500, at the beginning of May, the Indiana Primary is going to have an even greater impact on direction of this country. And if and win we win, like the Indianapolis 500 it may feature a campaign crashing and burning and catching on fire.”

Cruz closed his nearly 40 minute speech by talking about the need for another debate between he and Trump.

One of the people in attendance shouted, “He’s chicken!”

The remark brought a smile and a response from Cruz, “It’s hard to dispute that.”

“What does it say that Hilary and Bernie are willing to subject themselves to the scrutiny of the American people than Donald J. Trump?”

Cruz finished by inviting Trump to take part in a debate in the state of Indiana.

“Donald come to Indiana and have a town hall debate with Hoosiers asking the questions,” Cruz said. “He never shies away from telling us how big and strong and tough he is. Well if he is so big and strong and tough, stop hiding in Trump Tower in New York City and show the humility to stand before the people of Indiana and answer their questions.”

When he wasn’t attacking opponents and potential opponents, Cruz campaigned on the success in the 1980s of former President Ronald Reagan.

“Over the last seven years we’ve seen our military weakened,” Cruz said. “We’ve seen readiness degraded. We’ve seen moral of our troops degraded. As a nation we’ve seen this before. We’ve seen another left-wing Democratic president weaken and undermine the military and then in January of 1981 Ronald Reagan came into office.

“What did Reagan do? He cut taxes, he lifted regulations and we saw millions and millions of new high-paying jobs that generated trillions in new government revenue. Then he used that revenue to rebuild the military and we bankrupted the Soviet Union and we won the cold war. I intend to do the exact same think with radical Islamic terrorist.”

Other campaign promises include the repealing of Obama Care. He vowed to start a flat tax and reign in regulations.

Cruz also vowed to stop amnesty and in doing so create millions and millions of high-paying jobs.

Then with the money generated from those jobs. Cruz said he will put all of the country’s military attention on terrorists.

“To ISIS and Al Queda, to every Jihadist on the face of the earth who has declared war on America and is attempting to murder innocent Americans, a day of reckoning is coming.” Cruz said. “We’re coming to get you! We are not coming to negotiate! We are not coming to arrest you and read you your rights! We are coming to kill you!”

Cruz will find out if his plea for Hoosier votes worked in the May 3 primary.

John Kasich has dropped out of Indiana, leaving Hoosier voters with a choice of Trump or Cruz.