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EWSC holding Logo
Design Contest

A parent of an East Washington student just happened to be wearing a Musketeer Tee-shirt at an event at Xavier University over the summer.
Xavier and East Washington are both Musketeers.

Xavier’s athletic director took notice of the parent’s T-shirt and realized that it was their logo the school in Pekin was using.
According to East Washington School Superintendent Steve Darnell, the XU athletic director contacted Scott Newcomb about the use of the school’s copyrighted logo.
The two sides agreed that any future use of the Xavier logo would have to be generated through the school and their merchandise suppliers.
“We have that logo on a number of things within our school corporation, including on my business cards,” Darnell said. “Xavier said we could use the logo on anything we already have it on, but we can not generate new merchandise using that logo on our own.”
Over the next two years the school will phase out all items with the Xavier logo on it.
What will they replace it with?
That’s where the public comes in.
Everyone is invited to submit raw or computer generated original ideas for a new logo that reflects the “All for One and One for All” attitude of East Washington students, staff, and community. 
Darnell said the original three Musketeer logo will continue to be used as it has been the official logo since the early 1950’s, but admitted that it’s hard to use on athletic merchandise.  
He does understand that the original three Musketeer logo has been ingrained in the fabric of the corporation over time and continues to be used.
All are invite to submit their best design by midnight of September 30 online using the school corporation’s website. 
Click on the logo design tab on the front page to take you to the page where you can upload your outstanding logo. 
Children and adults of all ages are encouraged to submit their best design. 
Think out of the box – be creative – you may be the winner! 
The winning design should serve as a source of pride for the corporation and one that signals excellence in education that happens at East Washington.   All submissions become the property of East Washington School Corporation. 
All submissions must be original ideas – no copyrighted or trademarked material can be considered. 
The top three designs will be voted on by students, staff, and the greater community in mid-October. 
The winning design will be used for corporation-wide promotion and used on apparel and athletic team uniforms.