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Social media lit up early last week as a bear was spotted in Corydon. Now, the bear has made it’s way into Washington County.

According to Sheriff Roger Newlon, the bear is traveling North and has been spotted in the Fredericksburg area.

Newlon said they were called to a house near Palmyra Lake Road as a female resident couldn’t leave her house due to the bear being in her driveway.

Newlon said by the time they arrived the bear had made its way back into the woods.

“It had gotten in the trash and was looking for food,” he said. “We could tell where he went back down into the woods.”

Newlon said the conservation officers are trying to keep tabs on where the bear is. He asked that if anyone sees it they stay away but alert the sheriff’s department about the location by calling 812-883-2834 or 812-334-1137 or by sending email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by calling during regular business hours.

The bear was spotted over the weekend in the area of Deam Lake.

While he appears to be headed away from Washington County, there doesn’t seem to be a pattern of travel.

Should he return to the area, the followinng is a list released by the Indiana DNR on tips:

Don’t intentionally feed bears.

Eliminate food attractants by placing garbage cans inside a garage or shed.

Clean and store grills away after use.

Don’t leave pet food outside overnight.

Remove bird feeders and bird food from late March through November.

Don’t add meat or sweets to a compost pile.

If encountering a bear, don’t run. Shout, wave your arms and back away slowly.

Collect and remove low-hanging or fallen fruit from fruit trees.

Eliminate meat, cooking oil, fish or fruit odors from near your home. This includes fish-meal fertilizers.

Collect and remove any ripened vegetables from your garden.