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While passers-by can’t see much work being done on the Star Hill Road Project, things are progressing as planned according to Harry Miginity, who is the Seymour District PIO. 
Miginity said the current controlling operation is the excavation and embankment placement.
He said the MSE wall in the vicinity of the Muddy Fork Reservoir spillway has been completed and the remaining culvert extensions are underway.
“The Contractor continues to perform permanent erosion control measures such as final slope grading as well as seeding and ditch linings in miscellaneous areas of the project,” he said. “Blasting of additional rock for excavation has resumed.”
As for appearances, Miginity said folks are not seeing a lot of work at the road entrances because that has been completed.
“The earthwork operations in the vicinity of State Road 60 on the north end and Rake Road on the south end have been completed,” he said. Earthwork operations are continuing throughout the remainder of the project.”
Work on the $1.3 million project began in December of 2012 and after undergoing a Cost Reduction Incentive (CRI) proposal, which involved a new-design and re-review of the plans.
The CRI was approved on August 8, 2013 and a 404 permit from the USACE was obtained on Aug. 5, 2013, according to Miginity.
Even with the CRI, Miginity said the project is on schedule.
“It is expected that the roadway will be open by the Contract Completion date of November 2015,” he said.