Hambel sentenced to 121 years PDF Print E-mail

On Friday in Washington Circuit Court Joseph Hambel was sentenced to 121 years.


Hambel was convicted by a jury in mid-November for the deaths of Valerie Dicus, 37, and Joseph Hobson, 36.

The sentence includes two, 60-year terms and a one-year term for trespassing.

According to the sentencing order, the terms are to be served consecutively.

The murders occurred in Salem on August 20, 2016, at a home on Small Street in Salem.

The probably cause affidavit said Hambel told a local officer that he had  just had taken care of one of Washington County’s “biggest drug problems” in killing Dicus and Hobson.

Hambel was later arrest and charged with the crimes.

Evidence showed that Hambel admitted going to the house to scare the victims and a struggle ensued over a gun.

Hambel said Dicus was killed when the gun fired during the struggle and he shot Hobson several times.

Investigators later found the weapon during a search at Hambel’s apartment.