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Wednesday, 23 July 2008 00:00
    At the recent Salem School Board meeting the following members were sworn in by David Allen: Marie Lowery, Steve Mostinger, Diana Armstrong Apple and Anne Terrell.
     Dr. Reed told the board some good news regarding full day kindergarten. Salem School received more grant money for full day kindergarten. Kindergarten will now be $25 per week instead of $35.
     “We are very excited about this additional grant money.” stated Dr. Reed.
     The board approved Diana Armstrong-Apple to remain as President, Jason Pepmeier as Vice President and Benjamin Bowling as Secretary.
     All minutes and claims were approved with all members present.
     Kim Thurston reported the financial report to the board.
     According to Thurston the current tax billing is not available yet and the school may need to borrow $500,000 from the general fund, but are expected to collect more than that amount.
     Due to so many legislative changes the 2009 budget will be very high.
     “We want to be high, the state will usually cut us and will never increase our budget.” stated Dr. Reed.
     The following personnel recommendation were also approved:
     Kevin Albertson, as Bradie Shrum Upper Elementary Counselor; Megan Gwaltney as Middle School Science teacher; Sara Calhoun as Middle School Technology teacher, band camp assistants, the resignation of Melissa Bastin as Bradie Shrum Elementary School computer technician; Don Burton as the high school baseball coach; Sue Collier as Corporation treasurer and Marcella Russell as Deputy Treasurer.
     With the approval of the board David Allen will act as Legal counselor for Salem School Corporation.
     The board read the second reading of the technology use policy for students.
     The K-12 book rental and the BSUE  students handbook was both approved.
     Dr.  Reed encouraged all  parents to apply for free or reduced lunches, if the student is approved they will also receive free book rental.
     After much discussion from the board and Mr. King, transportation director regarding the fuel bid received from Jacobi Oil, they believe it would be in their best interest to advertise for fuel again.
     Prairie Farms will be the milk and dairy provider for the Corporation along with Interstate Brands for the bread.
     According to Mr. King both the dairy and bread had prices that fluctuate up and down but believes these choices are satisfactory.
     The board gave permission to Dr. Reed to sponsor an employee to be in the Awareness Washington Class of 08-09.
     The board approved Metropolitan Life as their third party administrator for 403 9(b) plan.
     The board agreed to increase substitute pay to $50, $55 and $65 daily.
     The technical services department will now include a three person team  for upper, lower, middle, high and the corporation with a pay of $192 daily for 220 days. The motion passed with Terrell opposing.
     A overnight trip for 15 students was granted for a gifted and leadership training program in Palmyra.
     The board agreed to have a meeting regarding long range planning for the future to help with education, the needs of the children and more.
     The next regular school board meeting will be August 11.
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