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Wednesday, 23 July 2008 00:00
????    The Washington County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on Wednesday afternoon, July 16.  
    All members were present and unanimously approved the minutes of previous meetings and all claims, save one.  That claim was for repair of an ambulance in the amount of $5659.02.  
    According to Washington County Auditor, Sarah Bachman, the claim would be paid eventually but it was improperly submitted and must be resubmitted to be approved.
    After discussion of spending priorities, the Commissioners unanimously agreed to submit a budget for approval by the County Council that includes the following:
     ?    Harrison County Riverboat Fund–$480,00
     ?    Statewide Riverboat Sharing Fund–$116,000
     ?    Commissioners Fund–$2.58 million
     ?    Economic Development Income Tax Fund–$646,000
     ?    Cumulative Bridge Fund–$470,350
     ?    Cumulative Capital Fund–$415,000
    In other budget related business, the Board unanimously agreed to designate the Washington County Economic Growth Partnership as the county agent for administration of tax abatements requests.
    The Board received an update on the archeological dig involved with the construction of the proposed bypass from Chris Jackson.  According to Jackson, the excavation team plans to survey Native American houses on the location on Thursday, July 24.  In addition, Jackson indicated that the boundaries to the East and to the West of the 500-800 year old settlement have been defined.
    Commissioner Byron Green informed the Board that the wheelchair ramp and viewing stand at the fairgrounds grandstand are complete and that he is extremely pleased with the finished project.
    The Board entertained a request that digital television service be provided to certain government departments for the purpose of having updates on local weather conditions.  The Board took the request under advisement.
    In other business, the Board agreed to allow Hoosier Hills Pact to tie into the new county government phone system in lieu of a yearly contribution to the organization by the county.  The inclusion in the new phone system will be at zero cost to the county.
    County Assessor, Jason Cockerill, addressed the Board regarding the ongoing issue of a lack of work space for the employees in his office.  The suggestion was made by the Commissioners that they might be able to move their meeting to the County Building and free up the space for the Assessor’s office.  It was agreed to make every effort to switch the location of the Commissioners’ meeting in the future.
    Commissioner Lana Sullivan gave the Board an summary of her July 7 meeting with the County Council.  At that meeting, heated discussion took place between Sullivan and members of the Council concerning spending practices and notification of budget changes.
    In response to several items included in Sullivan’s report, Commissioner Mike Goering said, “To me, this illustrates that the Council doesn’t understand the budget.”
    With no further business to conduct, the Board adjourned until its next regularly schedule meeting on Wednesday, August 6.
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