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Written by Janna Ross   
Wednesday, 23 July 2008 00:00
?If you are in the City of Charlestown you will soon find that you can accomplish some major tasks if you row with The Flowe. David Flowe, that is. Charlestown Mayor Bob Hall appointed Flowe as his Executive Director, knowing he had an extensive background in construction. What he tapped into was a vast array of experiences in many areas and a creative mind for detail.
    Passers-by have probably noticed something is happening on the second floor of the Charlestown City Hall building. The 4,000+ square foot space has been corrected of irregular walls, partitions and uneven floors. New electrical wiring, walls and hardwood floors will soon prevail, in preparation for city officials’ offices. This will add much needed space for public access and assembly rooms, needed for the operations of the city.
    With mostly voluntary assistance, Flowe is currently removing old hardwood floors from houses scheduled for demolition on River Ridge. The wood is being planed, cleaned and bundled in preparation for installation as the new floors in City Hall and in the Charlestown Arts and Enrichment Center (the A&E).
    The church pews have been removed from the A&E and preserved for future use. Some of the pews are destined to experience a revival as new desks and a conference table for the revitalized City Hall facilities.
    Mayor Bob Hall knows there are many needed city enhancements and he himself possesses a number of craftsman skills that enable imagining how to accomplish these goals. And, as in any home or municipality budget, much consideration is being given to all expenditures in the current economy. With similar skills and experience, and a shared vision of Charlestown’s potential, Flowe is the natural extension of Mayor Hall. As a very frugal man, Flowe often looks for opportunities to make or save money with minimal investment. Together they have found several resources from which to glean and recycle materials. These include the hardwood floors and solid wood from the church pews previously mentioned.
    Flowe’s wife, Terry, is a source of inspiration and assisted in planting the foliage down both sides of the new waterfall in Greenway Park, which he designed and directed the construction with donated pumps and materials. This is yet another example of how Charlestown is seeing improvements under Flowe’s thrifty endeavors.
    Flowe and Mayor Hall assure local citizens they have just begun to see the fruits of their labors. More plans continue to develop to accommodate the budding ideas being unearthed by their combined imaginations.
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