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Written by George Browning   
Wednesday, 25 August 2010 00:00

Commissioner John Mishlerasked the board to approve a new position as County Administrator at the Wednesday, August 18 board meeting of the Washington County Commissioners.
Mishler asked of this position to help the county run more efficient, much smoother and help with human resources.
“The county employees 150 personnel and I believe this position would be able to handle our human resources for our employees and any new hires. With three of us working part time managing a 6.9 million budget, this position will help us stay with in, it would also oversee the bypass project, other federal sites, also help with grant writing for the county along with other secretarial duties.
“. . . The Commissioners can hire or fire if this doesn’t save our county money by the end of two years.” stated Mishler.
According to Mishler many counties are now hiring this position to help oversee their county and counties that are similar to our size are paying a yearly salary of $42,000.
Councilman Merwin Fisher stated that they need someone in this position with a Bachelor’s degree.
County Attorney Tom Scifres stated to just make  the degree an option, he has had employees with more experience and that has worked great.
“I strongly believe someone in our county is very capable of this position and I encourage we look at someone within our county before going out of our own county.” stated Commissioner Lana Sullivan
Commissioner David Brown made the suggestion of offering $35,000 with benefits and possibly even $30,000. This is not bad pay with all the other benefits that are included. We as Commissioners should start low and then be able to give raises as needed.
“If you want someone who can preform the job well, you are going to have pay.” stated Mishler.
“I don’t feel a County Administrator is any more qualified as any elected official who makes $30,000. I think we need to keep it on a level playing field.” said Brown
“This position would take the strain off elected officials.” said Council President Jim Day.
“Commissioner Mishler has done lots of research on this position ans has followed through with this. To grow as a County we have to have change.” states Commissioner  Sullivan.
The motion was made by Commissioner Brown and seconded by Brown to approve the position of County Administrator with a starting salary of $30,000 with mileage and benefits and adding $2,000 to the Commissioners mileage.
The motion was accepted and now waits for approval from the county council.

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