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Written by George Browning   
Wednesday, 25 August 2010 00:00

When the Silver Creek Primary Elementary School was completed there was money remaining from the $31 million bond issue.
That money will now be used to complete additional projects at all three campuses in the West Clark School Corporation. The projects include classroom additions at Silver Creek and Borden and improvements to the elementary gym at Henryville.
West Clark Superintendent said the low bids of the primary school allowed the additional projects to be finished.
“Two or three years ago these projects weren’t in the initial plans, but the board was able to do this because all of our previous bids came in low enough that it might not be a good time for anything else, but it’s a great time to bid. They came in so economically that we were able to capture these additional projects.”
Project number one will take place in Henryville and will include an expansion of the elementary school gym.
The expansion will make the court playable and wide enough to have the ability to shoot three-point shots. There will be an addition of approximately 300 seats.
“We will be able to play some games in there and have a wood floor,” said Superintendent Monty Schneider at the school board’s regular meeting Aug. 12.
The Henryville project also includes asphalting the parking lot where the tire barn used to be and some landscaping in front of the building.
Schneider said the project also includes some asphalting of the community center lot, which the school leases and uses regularly.
He said he hopes the changes to the parking lot will help to guide the traffic better to and from school.
Sandy Furnish Banet asked if money could be used to remove a pole that sits in the middle of the parking lot.
Schneider asked if those working on the project would look into that.
The cost of the project  before the pole removal is expected to cost $790,679 and the low bidder was EH Construction.
Another project will include a four classroom addition at Silver Creek High School on the south side of the building near the middle school.
“We will be adding four classroom on the other side of the gym and there will be a commons area between the gym and the classrooms,” Schneider said.
One of the alternates includes air conditioning the commons area between the gym and the class rooms. The track sidewalk in the football field area would be part of the project as well as repaving the tennis courts.
The low bid for the project at Silver Creek was AML for $1,305,900.
The final project will be at Borden High School.
There will be four class rooms attached to the new gymnasium. The project will include a basement for some storage space and to asphalt all the gravel parking lots.
The Borden tennis courts will also be resurfaced.
The low bidder was EH Construction for $1,477,600.
Schneider encouraged the board to approve the projects.
“Our financial adviser, Associate Superintendent in charge of financing Mac Dyer has gone over the numbers and feels like we have enough to cover these,” Schneider said. “We don’t feel comfortable yet in doing the West Clark Education Center project because we would rather be conservative.
“. . . We think we might even have a little money left to do a couple of more things.”
The board gave the projects their unanimous approval.


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