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Written by George Browning   
Wednesday, 18 August 2010 00:00

Tuesday night approximately 150 people attended a rally for Borden High School Principal Lisa Nale, who is currently serving a 90-day suspension that was part of an addendum to her contract.

The addendum is the result of an incident that happened in mid-June when Nale was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol and eventually arrested.

The West Clark School Board agreed to keep her on staff but not with out amending her contract to include tough stipulations.

Those stipulations were the reason for the rally. Both Nale and her supporters want her back in the class room now instead of the Oct. 19 date.

West Clark Superintendent Monty Schneider said he did not attend the rally.

“We did not attend, but we are aware that it took place,” he said. “We know she has a lot of support in the community, but our stance remains the same. We reached an agreement on her contract addendum at our last meeting and to this point, she has still not singed it. So, the ball is in her court.”

Tuesday's speakers spoke to Nale's accomplishments both at Borden and her stint as principle at East Washington Middle School.

One of the speakers was Jamie Martin, who spoke to the addendum to Nale’s contract, which defines the actions and restrictions she is to comply with to return to her position in mid-October.

The only addendum Nale addressed at the rally was the 90-day suspension. She stated the importance of having her on the job now that school is back in session.

In her absences, Athletic Director Toby Cheatham is interim principle.

Schneider said he doesn't anticipate any changes to the addendum agreed on by both the board and Nale.

“Whether or not alterations will be made, I doubt it at this time,” he said. “We have a contract that both sides agreed upon. She has it, but has yet to sign it.”

The matter is likely to be one of the topics of discussion at the West Clark School Board's next meeting which will be Sept. 9.

An online petition for Nale can be found at www.ipetitions.com/petition/supportlisa/


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