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Written by George Browning   
Friday, 13 August 2010 00:00

Borden Junior/Senior High School Principal Lisa Nale was retained for that position last night (Thursday, Aug. 12) during the West Clark School Board's regular meeting.

Nale's future as a West Clark employee was in doubt following an incident on June 24 where witness called police and reported the vehicle she was driving was swerving on Highway 60.

When Clark County Sheriff's deputies pulled her over, local media outlets reported that the officer says she had blood shot and glassy eyes and refused an alcohol test. There were also allegedly open containers of alcohol in the car.

“I am really sorry all this happened,” Nale said in an interview after the meeting.

West Clark Superintendent Monty Schneider said at the end of the day, Nale's work as principal was the difference in keeping her or letting her go.

“If she wasn't such a good principal we wouldn't even be having this conversation,” Schneider said, “because she would have been dismissed. Because she is such an affective principal the board and I felt like further consideration should be given. Our number one priority is the kids and we feel like she can be affective and she is good for the kids.

“We also felt like the penalty for her had to be severe enough to show her the importance of her error and show the community that we felt it was important.”

In addition to a 90-day unpaid suspension that will keep her out of work until some time in mid-October, Nale has a laundry list of stipulations she must adhere to.

Those stipulations were read by the board's attorney Michael Gillenwater after Sandy Furnish Banet made the motion to retain Nale.

The stipulations include that Nale refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages at any time, so long as she is employed by West Clark; She is to refrain from being in night clubs, bars and similar establishments where it might be assumed by others that the employee is or might be consuming alcoholic beverages; Nale is to refrain from consuming controlled substances or other addictive substances unless under the direction of a physician or a licensed health care provider, and if she is directed to consume a controlled substance she is required to make the superintendent aware.

She is also required to undergo random screenings upon two hours notice whether she is on, or off, duty, to determine whether she has violated conditions of the agreement. The screenings may be any scientifically accepted method. Nale is also required to facilitate West Clark in administering the screening by remaining places where she can be contacted by cellular telephone or internet in order that the screening can be requested and immediately administered.

Nale will also be required to submit to a psychological evaluation at her own expense with a psychologist agreed upon by the board at West Clark and she is required to seek counseling and treatment including but not limited to Alcoholics Anonymous, group counseling, out-patient or in-patient treatment.

Nale will also be required to make written apologies to the communities within the West Clark district.

The only stipulation Nale seemed to be unhappy with after the meeting was the 90-day suspension.

“I've already been off all summer and was really looking forward to returning to work tomorrow,” she said.

Schneider agreed that it was a tough part of the penalty, but he and the board needed to make a statement.

“It was a difficult situation because it is going to be tough for her to be out of school and it's going to be tough for us to be without her, and the children to be without her,” he said. “We will all work together and we'll work it out.”

Schneider said he and the board weren't allowed to vote in executive session, but he could tell the pulse of the entire board was to keep Nale on staff.

“Nobody wanted to fire her,” he said. “We felt like she was worth saving because it is what's best for our community. All of us take drunk driving very seriously and she knows it was a bad situation. She is embarrassed by it and it's not her normal mode of operation and she knew we had to look at this very seriously.”

Nale is expected to Return to the school on October 19, which is 90 days from July 21, when the suspension officially began.

Until her return, Borden Athletic Director Toby Cheatham will continue you his role as interim principal.

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