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Tuesday, 10 August 2010 00:00

Enjoying the dog days of summer sitting by the swimming pool and having a bar-b-q, nothing gets much better than that. It takes chemicals to keep your pool nice and refreshing all summer long. When your summer enjoyment is over and it is time to get the pool ready for the off season remember that those same chemical can wreak havoc on our environment. Prior to closing your pool you have to make sure that your water is chemically balanced.  To do that you have to sometimes add chlorine, antifreeze, and or dry acid before you can close your pool down. Are you one of the people that just run a hose to the nearest storm drain? Do you release that pool water over a period of time or all within an hour or so? The Floyd County and New Albany Stormwater Department would like to share some helpful tips that you can apply this fall when you are getting ready to shut the pool down for the season.
Chlorine can be nasty stuff and a recent study drew a possible link between chlorinated pools and asthma in children. If you do need to use chlorine in your pool and find the occasion to drain it; avoid adding chlorine for a full week before emptying the pool. Evaporative pool chemicals contribute to the production of greenhouse gases; so you’ll be doing well there as well in chemical reduction. Chlorine is poisonous to fish at very low levels. If chlorine isn’t removed, chlorine can remain in our deep, slow flowing, shaded rivers and streams long enough to travel downstream and kill fish and other animals as it goes.
Using pool covers to keep the water from evaporating is excellent way to keep pool water in the pool, plus it help keep the pool cleaner and easier to maintain when you are ready to start back up in the spring.  Make sure your cover is long and wide enough to cover all side and areas of the pool. Using weights to keep the cover anchored will also help keep unwanted pollutants in the pool.
Antifreeze has a high Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) which depletes the oxygen needed for fish, plants and other animals to live, disrupting the ecosystem. Just a few drops of antifreeze carelessly spilled on a driveway or street can harm the environment and endanger the health of neighborhood pets
The storm water runoff sweeps up everything in its path including leaves, litter, lawn chemicals, pet waste, garbage and antifreeze, chlorine and other chemicals that could accidentally spill during the winterization of a back yard swimming pool.
If you’re not somebody who is good at sticking to a routine hire a pool maintenance company to come do the job for you. They can perform regular maintenance for a monthly charge, or if you just want them to come do the tougher jobs of opening and closing, they’re more than happy to come to do those tasks for a one-time fee.
If you experience an accidental spill while getting your pool ready for the fall, call the local health department at 812-948-4726. Remember safety while getting the pool ready. Always have someone with you while you close up the pool and always keep storm water in mind when getting the pool ready for the fall.


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