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Thursday, 17 June 2010 00:00

As school breaks for the summer and hot temperatures rise, you can take a cool dip in the water at Salem Myers pool.
The pool officially opened on Sunday, June 6 with a free swim day with more than 250 swimmers taking part and the first day for new pool manager, Tyler Huls. Huls has worked five years at the pool as a lifeguard and stated,” It was was to have people that I know to work with me. I have worked with many of these lifeguards previously and I look forward to this summer.”
The pool employs six full-time lifeguards and four part-times life guards.
The pool is open six days a week from 12:30-5:30 p.m and closed on Sundays. Although closed on Sundays, the pool will be open for private parties in the afternoon. The cost of admission is $2 for adults and students, $1 preschool and 2 and under is free.
Swimmers are allowed to bring swim toys into the pool along with floaties, swim rings, balls and more for their enjoyment.
They will also be offering swim lessons which the lifeguards will be teaching. The first session is June 14-25 with one class starting at  9:30-10 a.m.; second class 10:15-10-45 p.m. and the last time is 11-11:30  a.m. The second session will be July 5-16 with the same times as above.
The sessions will be divided up into three groups, beginner, immediate and advanced. The only restriction for the swim lessons is the participant needs to be able to stand in three foot of water unassisted.
Here are few safety tips to keep your family safe this summer while swimming:
Remove all toys. Children may be drawn to floats or toys remaining in a pool. Take them out of the water when the pool is not being used.
Never swim alone, always have buddy with you. If something would happen, the other person can get help.
Always have an adult to watch the children that are swimming.
Learn to swim, take swimming lessons from a certified trainer.
Wear a life jacket. Children or adults who are not good swimmers should wear a  flotation device when around water.
Learn CPR.  Sign up for a class in your area.
Don’t drink and swim, drinking and swimming don’t mix.
Always walk on the pool deck to prevent slip and falls do not run, skip or jump.
To prevent children from wandering into a pool, place a fence and lock arounda in-ground pool and remove ladders from above ground pools.

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