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Wednesday, 16 July 2008 00:00
??    The Campbellsburg Town Council met in regular session on Monday, July 7 with all members present.  All claims,
all requests for sewer adjustments, and the minutes of previous meetings were approved unanimously.
    Chris Boulet, informed the Council that an extension of the town’s sewer line has been requested in order to service
a new home within the town limits.  
    According to Boulet, the new sewer line would extend approximately 450 feet farther than the current line.  Two bids were received by the Council for the work and the low bid from Temple & Temple for $8753 was accepted by the Council members unanimously.
    Boulet also presented  the Council members with bids to clean and service the two of the town’s water wells.  The
Council accepted the bid of $6750 from Reynolds, Inc.
    As the last piece of information provided to the Council by Boulet, he gave an update on the recently completed
sewer project that is still waiting on a sump pump.
    Council members questioned Town Marshal, David Nicholson about efforts to serve notice to 14 property owners
in Campbellsburg who are in violation of town ordinance regarding trash and lack of upkeep. Nicholson expressed
concerns that some residents lacked the financial means or the physical ability due to health problems to clean up their
    Council members ended the discussion by instructing Nicholson to proceed immediately with serving the official
notices.  Nicholson agreed to follow the Council’s instructions.  
    According to Town Counsel, Daniel Brown, the next step in the process would be to levy fines and place liens
against the properties if the owners did not comply with the ordinance.
    A patron requested that the Council take action to assist with the cost of tree removal on Union Street.  Council
members asked Boulet to get bids on the work and email them the information.
    With no further business to conduct, the Council adjourned until its next regularly schedule meeting on Monday,
August 4.
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