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Written by George Browning   
Wednesday, 17 March 2010 00:00

After an up and down few months, the new Salem airport project is one step closer to being complete.
The Board of Aviation Commissioners recently brought an appraisal before the city council at their regular meeting March 15.
BOAC Secretary Blaine Shrum told the council that the appraisal was complete and simply mirrors the first appraisal that was done in 2008.
“The appraisal came back at $310,000 and the first was at $340,000,” Shrum said. “But we're not going to take any less than $500,000 for the sale of the airport.”
According to Bower, $500,000 is what the cost will be to construct a new airport.
Bower said plans are to sale the airport.
“We plan to advertise for proposals with one stipulation,” he said. “That we know the plan for the next five years after the sale.”
According to Bower, the city has been working with Owen Thompson to help plan out his vision of the motorplex.
“A lot of good things can come out of the project by Thompson,” Bower said. “But I want to caution the public, we don't know what will happen after the sale, if Thompson completes his plans, it will definitely benefit our county. I believe this will create more jobs for this community.
“I also would like people to  know that no city funds will be used for he construction of the airport.”
Shrum also spoke about the $1,600 payment to Lorch and Naville, that the Board of Aviation Commissioners (BOAC) agreed to pay at their past meeting for the legal work, that was done by by them and hired by the previous board, to possibly sue the City Council. Although the BOAC had agreed to pay that amount, the City makes the official call for paying any amount.
The current BOAC agreed to pay that amount at a recent meeting, but the balance that Lorch and Naville are owed is $2,225.
“I believe no payment should be made to Lorch and Naville at this time,” Bower said.
The rest of the council supported Bower's comment and agreed that no money would be sent at this time.
The city council's next meeting will be April 12 and the BOAC's next meeting will be April 14.


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