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Written by Marty Randall   
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 00:00
    Voters in both the Republican and Democrat primary elections this May 4 will find themselves making decisions on several nominations for the fall general election.
    With the stunning announcement last week by U.S. Senator Evan Bayh about the two-term Democrat politician dropping out of national politics, that seat will be empty in the Democrat Primary, but the Republican Primary will offer six candidates for the party nomination.
    The District 9 race in both parties for U.S. Representative, the office now held by Baron Hill (D-Seymour), has also attracted fields. Hill, according to news releases dated February 22, may be seriously considering leaving that office – and the Democrat primary race – to run for Senator Bayh's seat.
    Republicans in Scott County will also have four candidates from which to select for the office of County Sheriff. So do the Democrats. There are also races for County Council seats for party faithfuls to decide. Three Democrats are running for County Commissioner of District 3, and two have filed for Judge of the Superior Court. There's also a race between two Demos wanting the nomination of Lexington Township Trustee, but oddly enough no one in either party filed for Finley Township Trustee.
    Starting with local races on the Democrat ticket this May 4, a few current county office-holders do not have any opposition. They include County Assessor Teresa Rigsby; County Auditor Teresa Vannarsdall; District 1 County Councilman Donnie Richie; Roger L. Duvall, Judge of the Circuit Court; and Jason Mount, County Prosecuting Attorney.
    Neither does James “Jim” Lewis, District 45 State Senator, and District 66 State Representative Terry Goodin, both of whom are incumbents.
    Among Township Trustees, no Democrat is contesting incumbents Virgil Johnson, Jennings township Trustee, and Evelyn Sue Cross, Johnson Twp. Trustee, both incumbents, and C. Shawn Oak, who has filed for Vienna Twp. Trustee on the Democrat ticket.
    Contested offices for Democrats include:
    District 3 County Commissioner: Mark Hays, incumbent; contenders Kelley Robbins and Mike Zollman.
    District 2 County Councilman: Marvin Lee Richey, incumbent; and contender Albert “Ab” Watts.
    District 3 County Councilman: Steven “Pat” Bridgewater, incumbent; and contender John Kimmick.
    District 4 County Councilman: contenders Clara L. Adkins and Tom Richey. The incumbent, Raymond L. Jones, is retiring at the end of the year.
    Sheriff: Contenders Robert A. Amick, Don Campbell, Lisa C. Lizenby and Edd Taylor.    The incumbent, John Lizenby, is ineligible for another, consecutive four-year term.
    Judge of Superior Court: Contenders Raleigh Campbell Jr. and Marsha Owens Howser. Incumbent Judge Nicholas South is retiring at the end of the year.
    Lexington Township Trustee: Contenders Danny Basham and Tim Soloe. Incumbent Terry Barnes elected not to run for the post again.
    In state Democratic races, candidates include:
    U.S. Representative, District 9: Baron P. Hill, incumbent; and contenders John R. Bottorff, Carol Johnson-Smith and Lendall B. Terry.
    District 73 State Representative: Contenders Ryan D. Bower and Douglas C. Leatherbury. The incumbent, Dennie Oxley Sr., did not file to run again.
    Local Democrats wishing to serve as State Convention delegates include Brenda B. Bundy, Rob Kendall, Gail M. Peacock and Bill Sears.
    All incumbents on the Jennings Twp. Board filed to run again. They include Mahala “Haley” Baker, M. Todd Campbell and Donald A. Sipe.
    In Johnson Twp., board nominees include incumbents Glenda Buckner, Lonnie Combs and Mike Smith.
    Lexington Twp. Board: Terry A. Barnes, Charles Michael Higgins, Freddie Mace and Donald A. Smith.
    Vienna Twp. Board: Rosie Alsup, Dwayne Ferrell and Freda J. Redifer.
    Democrats also have nominees for various Precinct Committeemen jobs. They are:
    Finley: John M. Robbins Jr..
    Jennings 1: Jimmy Turner.
    Jennings 3: Joyce Kilburn.
    Jennings 4: Pam Barger.
    Jennings 5: Iva Gasaway.
    Johnson: Incumbent Glenda Buckner and Wally Zollman.
    Lexington 2: Pat Bridgewater.
    Vienna 1: Steve Meyer.
    Vienna 2: Mark Shapinsky.
    Vienna 3: Bill Hoagland.
    Vienna 4: Howard Davis and incumbent Ray H. Zollman.
    Vienna 5: Tony Peacock.
    Vienna 6: Donald Boswell.
    On the Republican ticket this May 4 will be the following candidates:
    District 3 County Commissioner: Steven Phillips.
    District 3 County Council: Angela Beswick and Eric Gillespie.
    District 4 County Council: Jeff Fortner and Larry Haven.
    County Sheriff: Jeff Case, Jeff LaMaster, Dan McClain and Dennis “Nick” Nicholas.
    District 66 State Representative: Jim Lucas.
    District 73 State Representative: Steve Davisson and Henry H. “Hank” Taylor.
    Vienna Twp. Trustee: Gordon Julian.
    Finley Twp. Board: Jim Cozart.
    Vienna Twp. Board: Yvette M. Dowd.
    District 9 U.S. Representative: Travis Hankins, Mike Sodrel, Rick Warren and Todd Young.
    U.S. Senator: Donald E. Bates Jr., Richard Behney, Dan Coats, Paul Thomas Haney, John N. Hostettler and Marlin A. Stutzman.
    Republican Party State Convention Delegate: Shawn I. Loy.
    All candidates had until 12 noon on Monday, February 22, to withdraw their candidacies. Political parties may fill empty slots in their ballots by caucuses after the primary elections are held on May 4.
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