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Written by George Browning   
Monday, 11 January 2010 00:00
   A Hoosier Uplands employee, Tracy M. Zelivetz, turned herself in to the Washington County Detention Center over the weekend and is facing a Class D felony charge of child seduction stemming from an alleged incident involving three male students from West Washington High School.
    In early December Washington County Sheriff Claude Combs was informed by a school administrator of alleged sexual misconduct with Zelivetz and several male students.
    Zelivetz was employed as the site coordinator at West Washington Elementary School for the Twenty First Century Community Learning Centers After School Program. 
    According to the probably cause affidavit one of the alleged students is 17 and the other two are 18.
    The Probable Cause (PC) affidavit said Combs and Detective Brent Miller interviewed one of the students in early December and after a denial, he admitted to receiving money and having sexual intercourse with Zelivetz two or three times.
    The student alleged that the interactions took place in a camper by Zelivetz' house and had been going on two or three months prior to Combs' interview.
    The student also alleged that several other students were involved and at one point he and another unnamed student engaged in sexual intercourse with Zelivetz at the same time.
    Two other students were also interviewed by Combs and Miller and they alleged more incidents of sex and receiving money involving themselves and Zelivetz.
    Initially in the interview with Zelivetz, she denied the allegations, but when informed by Miller and Combs that three students had been interviewed separately and had given nearly identical statements, she admitted to not being completely honest in the beginning.
    According to the PC affidavit, Zelivetz admitted to having sex with the students, but denied paying them money, except for loans that she had given them.
    In Indiana, a Class D felony carries a sentence of six months to three years, but Washington County Prosecutor Dustin Houchin said since this is Zelivetz' first offense and she doesn't have a criminal history, it could end up being an A misdemeanor.
    Houchin said the child seduction charge is in the sex offense statutes, but it's not a registrable offense, meaning if she is convicted, her name will not have to appear on the sex offender registry.
    The charge of child molesting is a sex crime committed on someone under the age of 14. Houchin said 14 and 15 carries a charge sexual misconduct with a minor and any form of sex with anyone over the age of 16 is not a crime.
    “Because she is a child care worker, it does make it a D felony, even though the kid was 17,” Houchin said.
    In cases like this, some might say the law goes easier on female then it would have with a male, but Houchin said that's not the case.  
    “A crime is a crime,” he said. “The legislature makes the rules and we enforce them.”
    Zelivetz turned herself in Dec. 9 and posted a $1,500 full cash bond and was released on the same day. She will be arraigned in two or three weeks.

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