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Wednesday, 25 November 2009 00:00
    Dr. Teresa Davidson, director of Sunshine Chiropractic, and Melissa Heal are taking action and requesting your help! Chiropractic for Kids Toy Drive is underway beginning today through December 16.
    The holidays are about to go full force beginning with the cooking of the Thanksgiving turkey. Stores are loaded up with decorations and the holiday sales have begun.
    But what are you thinking about this year? Is this the year that you choose to join the masses of people who volunteer or maybe you long to make a difference year round? Many people join the volunteer forces at or around the holidays, it seems the differences between people and their community becomes more prolific and harder to ignore at this time of the year.
    After all, no one likes to think of people spending time along or a child not receiving a gift on the holidays. According to reports, charitable giving could also be good for your health. Buffalo EDU cites a Canadian study that reported 85 percent of Ontario volunteers rated their health as good compared to 79 percent of non-volunteers. Only two percent reported ‘poor’ health, over the one-third of non-volunteers who reported the same health status. They go on to mention other studies where people have reported greater self-esteem, personal empowerment and improved health when volunteering.
    Allow the spirit of Christmas to move you to Sunshine Chiropractic located at 1415 Market Street in Charlestown where you are invited to donate an unwrapped toy for local children thus defying “Child Without a Christmas Gift.” Unique to typical toy drives, Sunshine Chiropractic for Kids Toy Drive donates all of the toys to local schools.
    “Our goal is to collect 300 toys for children this Christmas season. The thought of a child being unable to open a present this year devastated me. My team and I have committed to purchasing toys for kids this y ear so that we will reach our goal!,” added Dr. Davidson. “I am honored to be able to help provide for the needs of our community.”
    If you would like more information on the toy drive, please call 256-7930.
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