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Wednesday, 11 November 2009 00:00
    Armed robberies are rare in Salem, but two in a little more than 24 hours of one another is unheard of.
    Cowboy's Food Store on Jackson Street was robbed at 3:50 a.m. Thursday morning and Country Fancy, which is located at 604 E. Hackberry Street was robbed at 9:06 p.m. Friday night.
    Both robberies have several similarities.
    The suspect was wearing a ski mask and a hoodie while wielding a firearm.
    At Cowboy's, store Manager Laura Woodrum said the suspect met the cashier at the side counter and pointed a gun and followed him back to the cash register.
    The same was true at Country Fancy. Owner Grace Hanson said the cashier had her back to the register when the suspect entered the store.
     “(The cashier)  turned around to say hello and when she did, he had a gun pointed at her and told her to give him the money,” Hanson explained. “The cashier thought it was a joke at first, because she just saw his mask. When she looked down and saw the gun she realized it wasn't. He told her, 'I said, give me the money!' she opened the drawer and gave him the money and he left. He was in here for 11 seconds total because we watched it on video.”
    In both cases, store employees handled the situation by the book.
    “I am glad no one got hurt,” Hanson said. “It shook everyone up pretty bad. We are all pretty tense. (The cashier) handled everything exactly like she was supposed to.”
    Woodrum said it was hard to give a description of the suspect because of the mask, but said some information was gleaned from outside cameras.
    Like at Country Fancy, Woodrum said everything was handled by the book.
    “We kind of have a few things that our outside cameras picked up,” she said. “The cashier handled everything the way he was supposed to. When he called me at home, I was shocked. I didn't really care what we lost as long as our cashier was OK.”
    Woodrum said she isn't sure when the last time Cowboy's was robbed. She said she heard through the rumor mill that police have a suspect, but she can't confirm if that's true.  
    Salem Police Officer Ronnie Mays is in charge of the investigation.
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