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Wednesday, 04 November 2009 00:00
    The message was clear, “This (violence) has to stop,” was given at the Men against violence against women rally held Friday, October 30 on the South side of the Courthouse lawn.
    More than 40 men came to show support for violence against women including, Salem High School Seniors along with Principal Derek Smith, Judge Bennett, Judge Newkirk, Mayor Bower, Prosecutor Dustin Houchin, Police Chief Scott Ratts, Washington County Sheriff Claude Combs and many more.
    John Kuss of Hoosier Hills PACT opened the rally by stating from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009 the State of Indiana has had 60 domestic violence deaths.
    Each participant received a t-shirt stating  “Men against violence against women,” Kuss stated that it takes guts to come out here and to wear this shirt and asked them to have the guts to stand up an say no to violence.
    “I want to plant a seed in my generation put God first and think first before violence.” that was the statement that Salem Quarterback Christian Chastain spoke. Chastain also said that this was an opportunity to speak out and thank God for this program.
    Washington County Prosecutor also spoke about the challenge of prosecuting the men who are accused of violence against women. “We have to be aggressive and work harder as a community and have more activity like this to get the message out.”
    Circuit Court Judge Robert Bennett stated that, “We as men can not let this go on. We have to change, this could be our daughter, wives, mothers, we as husbands have to say, we have had enough.”
    Washington County Sheriff Claude Combs, said “It feels good to see the young men come and stand up against this.” The message he gave the young men who attended was, “One of the least manly things you can do in your life was to participate in violence against women.”
    Each man who came to the rally was asked to sign a pledge that read: I believe that men must get involved to end violence against women in my community. I am aware that” Domestic violence is the use of any form of physical, emotional, sexual, economic or emotional coercion or control of a spouse or dating partner. One in three women experience domestic violence during their lifetimes, and abuse ofter starts in teenage dating relationships. Women and girls are most often the victims in incidents of domestic violence, but it affects all of the community. Therefore the community, must speak out to other men about gender-based violence, and model non-abusive behavior for young men in the community, I therefore pledge: That I acknowledge that domestic violence is a problem that all men must work to end; that I believe all people deserve to live in a safe environment; and that I believe in equality and non-violence in relationships. I know that if I do not speak out, my silence condones the abuse that other men commit. I acknowledge that domestic violence is a serious social problem and commit to work with my friends, family and neighbors, and co-workers to end it. This pledge was signed my each man that took the stand to end violence against women.
    Hoosier Hills PACT has a 24-hour crisis line to help anyone in need, you may call 888-883-1959 or log onto There is help in our community, don't be afraid to reach out for the help.
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