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Written by Marty Randall   
Wednesday, 21 October 2009 00:00
    Plenty of food was provided and special guests recognized during the 70th anniversary dinner conducted by members of the Austin Lions Club on Monday evening, September 28.
    The Lions provided the feast featuring barbecued pork, chicken and turkey and special cakes marking the group's anniversary of its founding.
    The chapter was chartered on April 17, 1939, and sponsored by the Scottsburg Lions Club. Its charter night was celebrated on June 1 of that year in what is now known as the school district's old gym but which at the time was the high school gym.
    Men who were in the founding group included the chapter's first president, R. Howard Judd, secretary Leland Langdon and treasurer Floyd Everitt. Members included Dr. Carl Bogardus, James P. Boyd, Hubert Buchanan, Marion T. Buchanan, Emory J. Buzzard, Lynn W. Cathcart, Harold Christie, David W. Cutshall, James W. Dold, Albert Hines, Dr. Marvin E. Judd, Lurayne E. Kline, Ray Manaugh, James Mitchell, Wayne Murphy, Charles Peacock, Bertrand L. Pearsey, Clarence E. Piercefield, Ernest J. Polk, Herman Schneck, Harry Skiles, Jay C. Taff, Harold E. Thomas and Donald Ward.
    All of those men are now gone, noted guest speaker Lyman Goben, but, he added, several current members are descended from them.
    Goben entertained the group by recalling some lively goings-on involving early Lions. One of the tales he told involved the late Red Lagenauer, who owned and operated a pharmacy in the community. Lagenauer and several other Lions belonged to a law enforcement group who took on extra duties when needed. A burglar alarm sounded in the furniture store owned by Jay Taff and Hubert Buchanan one night, Goben related, so the group headed out to see if anyone had broken in. Lagenauer thought he saw movement in the dark store and shot toward what he'd seen. The gun's blast broke a display mirror and damaged furniture and scared the intruder so badly that he called the sheriff's department and begged to be arrested. He also recalled heading out to the bottoms at night with Dr. Bogardus and Dwight Chamberlain to “hoot up” some owls.
    Laughter aside, Goben said he admired the Lions Club for the goals that they set. Lions are leaders in their community, he reminded them, urging them to continue their efforts to make the city better.
    He also presented the chapter with a lion statue, which he said had been given to him in 1968 when he joined a Lions chapter. “It has always reminded me who I was and what I stood for as a Lions Club member,” he stated.
    Special guests that evening included Marti Allgeier Lawyer, Margaret Buchanan, Betty Burris and Estelle Chandler. Each of their late husbands were influential, long-time members of the Lions. Helen Goben, wife of Lyman, was also a guest.
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