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Wednesday, 30 September 2009 00:00
     Over the past two years, local optometrist, Dr. Jack Hedrick has become very familiar with the inside of Washington County Memorial Hospital. He’s undergone testing and been treated for several different ailments including a stroke, atrial fibrillation, cervical spine problems and hernia repair.
    “I’ve always had a physician in Salem,” said Dr. Hedrick. “I choose to stay in Salem because of the convenience. Dr. Morgan is my doctor and I’ve always had outstanding care from everyone who has treated me at the hospital, from the nurses, aides, lab and X-ray technicians to anyone else who has helped with my care, I’ve always had a positive experience.”
    Dr. Hedrick’s medical visits began two years ago when Dr. Khan began treating him with a series of epidural blocks for his neck. “I had gone to a pain management physician in New Albany and had blocks previously, but they didn’t work. It was a very bad experience, so I was skeptical about trying again. Luckily, I could tell a huge difference after the first treatment. I was elated; he really did a great job.”
    Late last year, Dr. Hedrick began experiencing severe pain related to a hernia. It limited his physical abilities and the amount of time he could work each day. “Normally, I work over 30 hours a week, but with all the pain from the hernia, I was down to around 20 hours of work a week.” In December 2008, he underwent a hernia repair with WCMH General Surgeon, Jonathan Noel, MD. “I no longer experience any pain or symptoms. The surgery has helped me get back to my normal routine,” said Hedrick. “Every surgery or procedure I’ve had done at the hospital, has been super. Dr. Noel, Dr. Morgan and the nurses in the OR are great.”
    “Although Dr. Hedrick had only been experiencing pain for a few months, many people ignore the pain for years before seeking surgery for hernia repair,” said Dr. Noel. “Many times I’ve heard people say they wonder why they waited so long to have surgery. It is really a quick and easy fix for a very painful problem.”
    Then, one morning last July, Dr. Hedrick woke up and his wife, Donna knew something was wrong. She immediately called 911 and the EMS brought him to the Emergency Department at WCMH. “I had a blood clot and I spent two days at WCMH before they transferred me to Floyd Memorial. Dr. Manchi and Dr. Morgan took good care of me. I don’t remember waking up that morning; I just remember waking up later in a hospital bed.”
    The blood clot caused Dr. Hedrick to have a minor stroke. According to the American Heart Association, there is a very short window of opportunity to treat a stroke before permanent damage is done to the brain. Medications must be given within three hours of the onset of symptoms. Since Dr. Hedrick had been sleeping, it is unknown how long he had been experiencing symptoms and it was imperative that he get to the closest hospital as soon as possible.
    A few weeks after his stroke he was also diagnosed with “A-Fib” or Atrial Fibrillation, A-Fib is when the top part of your heart beats faster than the rest of your heart. Symptoms include lightheadedness, feeling very tired, shortness of breath, sweating and chest pain. This is currently being treated by Dr. Manchi through the hospital’s Cardiology Clinic.
While Dr. Hedrick could choose to go anywhere in the region for his healthcare, he chooses to stay close to home and go to WCMH. “This hospital is critical to our community’s health. I’ve experienced that need first-hand and I will continue to use Washington County Memorial Hospital for all my healthcare needs,” said Dr. Hedrick.  
    “I’m always appreciative when other healthcare professionals choose to stay in town for their care, it really says a lot about their confidence in our services,” said Dr. Noel. “Many people don’t realize all the treatment options we have at WCMH. We offer so many surgical procedures. In addition to hernia repair, we also offer colonoscopies, gall bladder and orthopedic surgeries, just to name a few. Our Cardiology Clinic is staffed five days a week with first-rate Cardiologists from all over the region and our Visiting Specialist Clinics offer many different specialists who treat patients at WCMH on a regular basis.”   
    For more information on the services offered at WCMH, call Melissa Richardson, director of Marketing and Public Affairs at 812-883-5881 ext. 1366.
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