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Washington County Farm Bureau sponsored the Third House Session for the State Senate and Representatives at West Washington High School last Friday.
In attendance were Senator Richard Young and Representative Steve Davidson.
Davidson and Young both described the bills that have been passed and bills that have been denied including the $80 million fund for all day kindergarten and a human trafficking bill.
One bill seemed to draw more attention from the community members.
The Right to Work Bill concerned many citizens and raised many issues of new workers being allowed to choose to not join the union but reap the same benefits from the union as the workers who were paying to be a part of the union.
Another citizen stated that the Right to Work Bill only widened the gap between the rich and the  “have-nots”.
The other issue that was a hot topic at the meeting was teacher evaluation.
One teacher questioned Senator Young and Representative Davidson on the fairness of the evaluation.
Other issues discussed were: Addressing funding for 911 calls, a movement to move the primary to an earlier date, and the proper way to address the different creations of Earth including scientology in the classroom. 
After two hours of questioning Senator Young and Representative Davidson, the meeting was closed from open public questions but many stayed after to have more personal conversations with both Young and Davidson.